A very special event will be held this Thursday, August 4, 5:30 pm at the American Legion Post 33 in Haleyville. 

 Thanh Duồng Boyer,  author of “The Ground Kiser” a book about her life as a Vietnamese immigrant who was one of the “boat People” in the late 70’s. Her book is exciting reading and as stated by The Honorable Tommy M. Battle, Mayor of Huntsville, “This book puts an exclamation mark on what it means to live in America.”

The American Legion Post 33 is proud to have her speak about what life is like in the U.S. as opposed to living under Communism. Thanh has about a  30 minute program highlighting some of the events in her life. 

I promise, you will be moved by this lady as I have been. If you know of any 

Vietnam vets in this area, please have them attend. There is no charge, Just come. 

I don’t endorse many things, but I do Thanh, and her husband, John. I was in Vietnam in 1970-71 stationed  just down the Mekong River from where Thanh was born and was only 2 to 3 years old at that time. Her inspiring message will move you.  

Please come, and bring someone with you. 

Hearing Thanh will reaffirm your belief in our country and even your religion. 

Hope to see you there this Thursday evening, 5:30 at the Haleyville American Legion. 

For my age and older friend, we should get you home before dark!