• Caught in the Act

    Saturday night, April 22, Haleyville police officers were called to The Haleyville Loan office on 20th Street where a man was being held at gunpoint inside the building. Allegedly. Jeffery Leroy Harrison had entered the building through a broken glass door for the purpose of burglarizing the business. Harrison was arrested and taken to the Winston County jail where he is being held on a charge of felony burglary.

  • Behind Bars From Bogus Bills

    Following an investigation by Haleyville Police Investigator Tim Steien, a series of counterfeit $100 bills being distributed in the Haleyville area came to an end with the arrest of Kelly Lee Rogers, 28, Haleyville. The bills were reportedly purchased online from China. These $100 bills found their way to Auto Zone, Fred’s and First National Bank by a customer who wanted to know if they were real. The bills were passed by several different people including a home health nurse who received one from one of her clients. When questioned all stated they had received the bills from Rogers who was arrested on April 3 and charged with possession of forged instruments. He is presently in the Winston County jail with a total bail set at $210,000. Each $100 bill brought a separate charge with bail set at $30,000 for each of the 7 bills he had passed. A package of 100 fake bills cost $5.

  • Haeleyville City Council

    The Haleyville City Council met Monday with Jonathan Bennett and Drew Thrasher absent. The Council approved the March general operation bills in the amount of $497,092.07. A change order for the new sports complex for an asphalt wearing surface and striping for the parking lot was approved for $26,530.40 in cost overrun.  Another resolution was approved for the purchase of additional sod for the complex for beautification and erosion control at the entrance to not exceed $4,000. The council approved the purchase of crushed limestone to be used both at the complex and at the Haleyville airport for shoulders and parking. The purchase of entrance lighting from the parking area to the softball fields from Industrial Service was also approved for $1,515.00

    The Council approved the transfer of a liquor license from Scott’s Quick Mart to Andy’s Quick Mart on Highway 195. The resignation of Haleyville Policeman Jonathan Oliver was approved. Oliver will begin working as a police officer for Bear Creek.

    Mayor Sunseri announced hiring the following seasonal P & R employees to work in the concession stand at the Sports Complex: Leigh Ann Kiser @ $9.50/hour effective 4/6/17; the following at $9.50/hour effective 4/8/17: Claire Newell, Mary Lou Masters, Kimberly Thrasher, and Kara Thrasher. 

    The next scheduled meeting of the Haleyville City Council will be Monday, May 1.


  • Treees-R-Us

    img_3638cPerhaps you have a tree way to close to your house for comfort and ready to fall on your house the next time we have a storm. Better than doing the work yourself call TREES-R-US. The right equipment and trained personnel to clean up your yard or larger property. Call or text TREES-R-US for a free estimate from Nathan Hulsey, 269-0198. The work and price are just right.


  • Superindentent of Education Interviews

    Monday afternoon April 17 the Haleyville Board of Education held interviews with the four finalists for the next Superintendent of Education. All four candidates praised the Haleyville School System and each told the board why they would make a good superintendent. From a bank of prewritten questions, each candidate was asked several questions including what they would consider their own strengths and weaknesses for the job. Another question was what they would do to resolve a conflict between the board and the superintendent.

    Dr. Bill Bishop stated he had held almost every job one could hold in the school system including a bus driver. Dr. Bishop expressed his love for education and his desire to be the Superintendent. In his comments, he stated grads should be prepared for a career, not just college.

    Dr. Bart Reeves, of Guntersville, expressed his passion for education and stressed the importance of good communications between the board and staff and the importance of technology as aids to supplement teaching. He stated he seeks excellence in everything.

    Wayne Trucks, presently principal at Chelsea High School, is working on his doctor’s degree. He discussed the system he is presently in and the programs he was a part of. He recognized Haleyville as being a great school system that did not need “fixing” because it was not broke. He addressed many specific questions and one concerning equality and how he had dealt with transgender students at Chelsea.

    Dr. Holly Sutherland, presently principal at Haleyville High, stated her greatest strength was serving others.  She stressed her strong points as leadership, trust, and experience dealing with a wide diversity of economic and educational backgrounds and sexual orientations.  She stated she strives to be fair and consistent with everyone.

    The Board will soon announce when they will meet again to decide who will become the new Superintendent of Education for the Haleyville School System.

  • All-Alabama Academic Team

    MUSCLE SHOALS & PHIL CAMPBELL, Ala. — Kaylen Bishop and Ashley I Dulce Rosa Figueroa-Cifuentes were selected to the 2017 All-Alabama Academic Team for Northwest-Shoals Community College (NW-SCC) and honored last Friday (4/14) at the All-Alabama Academic Team Recognition Luncheon at Ross Bridge Hotel and Spa in Birmingham, Ala.

    Bishop, a Haleyville native, currently is majoring in Secondary Education at NW-SCC and plans to transfer to the University of North Alabama.

     Figueroa-Cifuentes, a Russellville native, currently is majoring in Criminal Justice at NW-SCC and plans to attend Athens State University.

    The faculty and staff of NW-SCC nominate students from each campus of the college. The criteria for voting for a student is to choose students who “excel academically; demonstrate intellectual rigor in their course of study; show academic growth and potential; and use their two-year college education to better themselves, their schools and their communities.”

    All nominees are presented to the national Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society for final selection. Each community college in Alabama has two representatives.

    The Alabama College System’s All-Alabama Academic Team Recognition Program was established in 1995 as an enhancement to the All-USA National Academic Team Recognition Program, which is sponsored by the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, the American Association of Community Colleges and USA Today.