• Louisana Flood Victims Can Use Your Help Today!


    Suzanne Hood ask for your help. She has organized a drive for flood victims in Louisana. Originally from Louisana, Suzanne has a sister and other family members in the area which was flooded in the last couple of weeks. Suzanne is married to Ricky Hood, who works at McGriff Tire in Haleyville. With help from Doug Brakefield, the three spent Thursday collecting items they will take to Hammond, Louisana tonight. Exxel Outdoors has donated sleeping bags, McGriff rented a Uhaul truck and trailer and members of the Civitan and Rotary Clubs have made donations, but much more is needed. Donations should be taken to County Line Church, on County Line Road, just off Dime Road by 6 p.m. today.

    Here is a suggested list of items needed. Please bring new, unopened items which can be purchased at Dollar General, Fred’s or Wal-Mart.

    Bibles, bleach, feminine products, soap, shampoo, conditioner, hand sanitizer, pillows, pillow cases, blankets, brooms, mops, sponges, paper towels, sleeping bags, towels, washcloths, toothbrushes, toothpaste, air mattresses, bottled water, toilet paper, anti-bacterial hand soap, paper plates, garbage bags, diapers and wipes, laundry baskets, Clorox and Lysol wipes, canned Lysol, deodorant, underwear, (men, women and children, all sizes). Tylenol, Advil, and Aleve.

    Also needed are tear-out tools. These do not need to be new, just useable. Hammers, flat crowbars, square tipped shovels, wheel barrels, sheet rocks cutters, box cutters, chalk line, gloves, dust masks, squeegees, and push brooms.

    Clothing is not needed at this time. There is no place to put it. Bring all donations to the County Line Church by 6 p.m. today. Money donations will be accepted to pay for gas and expenses.


  • Seat Belts Really Work!


    Aout 8:30 Thursday night, Bill West, 65, was traveling south on Highway 13 in his 73 Ford Ranger and had slowed to turn into the Wavahoo station when a driver behind him became distracted looking at a Haleyville Police car and officer issuing a ticket next to the Wavahoo. The Ranger was struck from the rear hard enough to knock into the parking lock and came to rest upside down near the gas pumps.

    Because both West and the driver of the other vehicle were wearing seat belts, no one sustained any serious injuries. Haleyville Police investigated the accident.

  • Haleyville Board of Education


    The Haleyville Board of Education met Tuesday evening with all members present and approved the expenditures for July in the amount of $1,244,418.44. The Board also approved the general liability/errors and omissions liability insurance fund participation, an amendment to the school’s student handbook and the use of school facilities for supplemental educational services after school hours for HES students for this school year and the use of the HMS lunchroom to the Rotary Club for a BBQ supper September 9.

    Seventeen fundraisers were approved along with amendments to the substitute teacher and lunchroom workers list.

    The Board approved the hiring of Maribel Cofield as an HES lunchroom worker and the resignation of Abbey Harbin Rae as physical education teacher at the HMS.

    Before the meeting Tuesday night, during the work session, the Board held a budget hearing. The second budget hearing will be on September 8. The next regular meeting of the Haleyville Board of Education will be Tuesday, September 27.

  • Election Returns


    Haleyville City Election

    For Mayor Ken Sunseri 576 (84.8%) – Valeria Tayor 103 (15.2%)

    Council Place 3 George Russell 542 (80.9$%) – Christopher Jordan Wilson 128 (19.1%)

    School Board Place 5 Donna Jones 648 (63.2%) – Bud Wilson 378 (36.8%)


    Mayor – Connie Morrison 123 – Don Vickery 64 (Runoff) – Ed Franks 61

    Council – Chris Gillum 175 – Mark Townsend 68

    Council – Chris Hyde 214 – Patricia Hood 31


    Mayor – Jeff Stokes 127 – Sherae Hokett – 49 – William Mike McCraw – 12

    Council Place 1 – Earl gilbert 133 – Leah McCraw  – 53

    Hackleburg city election

    Mayor – Darryl Colburn 356 – Barney Shackelford 137

    Council – Ashton Knowles 280 – Jamie Swinney 211

    Council – Sherman Marbutt  305 – Barry McCarley 186

    Council – Paul Emerson 203 – Darrin Wiginton 288


    Mayor – David Grissom 1,964 – Donnie Horton 496 – Rand Bray 174

    Council District 1 – David Palmer 812 – John Thorn 270

    Council District 2 – William Nale 109 – Judy Miller 106 – Ronney Murphy 72

    Council District 3 – Gary Cummings – 368 – Dwight Jackson 152 – Roy Cornelison – 36

    Council District 4 – Arthur Elliott – 202 – Lanny Hubbard 150 – Billy Patterson 54

    Council District 5 – Jamey Harris 232 – Brent Caldwell 75

  • Be Sure to Vote


    Tomorrow is election day in Haleyville. You are urged to exercise your right as an American citizen and go to the polls to vote. It will be a relative short ballot, with few names and should only take you a few minutes to complete.

    The names of the candidates for the Haleyville city council and school board who were unopposed will not be on the ballot. The names and positions you will see will be Ken Sunseri and Valerie Taylor for Mayor of Haleyville and City Council place number 3, George H. Russell and Christopher Jordan Wilson. For place number 5 on the Haleyville School Board, Donna Jones and Stephen Bud Wilson. While this is a very short ballot, it is nevertheless very important.

    Complete election returns will be posted shortly after the election on hbtv.us.

  • Bud Wilson for School Board

    Bud Wilson

    When we watch the news and see the controversial things that are going on in our Nation, We must realize some of these issues will face our State, our City , and even our School. We must carefully choose a candidate that will honor the conservative values that we share in our community. I firmly represent the common working man and woman and a fair and unbiased education for their children. I have zero alliances within the school. I have a proven record of standing firm on difficult decisions in my eight years on the city council. Vote for Bud Wilson, Board of Education place#5 on August 23rd.

    Paid Political, Bud Wilson, Haleyville

  • HHS Football Starts Tonight


    The Haleyville Lions Varsity football team travels to Tuscumbia tonight for the opening game of the season against the Deshler Tigers. Kickoff time for tonight and every game all season is 7 p.m. Coach Bo Culver says the boys are ready for the for games to begin. New this year, the Lions will be wearing chrome helmets as shown above.

    Next week, August 26, the Lions travel to Double Springs to Play Winston County. The next week, September 2, the Lions will take on Hamilton at Hamilton. The first home game will be September 9 against Cordova at Bubba Scott Field.

    You are urged to travel with and support the Lions at Deshler. If you cannot, listen to the play-by-play live on Paradise 92.7 with Butch Foster and Craig Wakefield.

  • Train vs Truck

    IMG_3076C IMG_3085C

    Thursday morning at 7 a.m. a tractor-trailer truck driver was looking for AMS supply in Bear Creek and decided to cross the railroad tracks to turn his rig around. The first crossing was successful but in an attempt to cross back onto Highway 13 the undercarriage or landing gear of his trailer hung up on the Gin Street crossing. The driver got out of the truck and was across the highway about to call for help in when a single engine north-bound Norfork Southern train rounded the curve and saw the stranded truck. The engineer applied brakes and witnesses said it looked like a slow motion crash. No one was injured. Once the train was backed away, the truck was successfully freed by Lyle’s wrecker service.