• Haleyville City Council Meeting

    The Haleyville City Council met Monday, April 18, with all members present.  $477, 686.22 was approved for the General Operation Bills and Purchasing Orders for March 2022.  The School Board Election date was set for July 12, 2022.


    Carla Waldrep, from The Haleyville Library, made an informative presentation concerning some upcoming, in-house programs, and the availability of wi-fi hot-spots for check out.  Summer Programs will be starting soon.  Follow the Haleyville Library on Facebook for more information and updates, or here, on HBTV.us.


  • Haleyville City Council Meeting

    Monday, 4 April City Council Meeting was attended by all Council members, except “Blue”Russell.  The following Resolutions were discussed and approved:

    RESOLUTION # 2022-09: Additional striping work to include the crosswalk from the Hospital’s Helicopter Pad to the Emergency Room and striping in the maintenance area

    RESOLUTION # 2022-10: The City of Haleyville has been approved for Alabama Industrial Access Road and Bridge Corporation Grant funding through ALDOT for widening and resurfacing of Botush Industrial Park.

    RESOLUTION # 2022-11: Widening and resurfacing of CR-90 from the intersection with SR-13 to approximately 1,035 ft. east

    Councilman Ray Boshell discussed the success of the past HHS Prom weekend,  He applauded the efforts made by parents and community to make safe pre and post-prom events available.

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  • Haleyville City Council Meeting

    February 7, 2022, the Haleyville City Council met and approved the “Heart of Haleyville” Change Order 1 (RES 22-05), and Advertising for an Accounts Payable Clerk.  Also, bids were approved, and the sale of surplus property was awarded as per ORDINANCE #2022-02 .

    Councilman George “Blue” Russell attended by phone, and Drew Thrasher was absent.

    Mayor Ken Sunseri presents a Proclamation to Kimberly Boshell, Jessica Riddle, and Dr. Holly Sutherland

    Brought to the attention of Dr. Sutherland by Kimberly Boshell, and coordinated by Jessica Riddle, the Haleyville City Schools participated in “The Great Kindness Challenge“, and were recognized tonight as being Kindness Certified Schools, and proclaiming February to be “Kindness Month”.


  • Do you like honey?


    Do you like honey?

    Are you interested in learning more about it and the magnificent bees that make it?


    Free State Beekeepers Association has a meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of every month

    starting at 6:30 p.m. at the Municipal Building in Double Springs.

    You don’t have to have bees or even get bees,

    but you can if you want to!

    This is for anyone wanting to be a part of an association that wants to learn about honey bees,

    interested in keeping honey bees or just looking for something interesting to do

    on the 2nd Tuesday of every month!!!

    For more information please contact us!

    PresidentAndrea Glenn

    Vice-PresidentDonald Posey

    Secretary/TreasurerKristal Cagle

    EMAIL: freestatebeekeepers@gmail.com

    Annual Member Dues

    Individual – $10/year

    Family $15/year

    You don’t want to miss it! We hope to see you there!