Mike Clark for Winston County Sheriff

Mike Clark

Mike Clark sees three main problems with the Winston County Sheriff’s office, and if elected will use his 25 years of law enforcement experience to offer the following solutions:

Clark said citizens have a right to expect an immediate response from the department when needed.  That has not always been the case.  Speeding up response times to citizens of Winston County is the best way to increase their safety and discourage crimes.

Another important factor is increasing cooperation between the department and other law enforcement agencies to increase the efficiency of criminal investigations.  By pooling and coordinating talent and resources, more cases can be solved in a timely manner.

Clark said his third point will be working to eliminate drug use in our area, which has risen to an epidemic level.  Winston County residents should not be subjected to the constant dangers of illicit drugs.

Clark wants to use his 25 years of law enforcement experience to implement these positive changes in our community, and respectfully requests your vote in the upcoming election.

Paid Political Advertisement by Mike Clark, Haleyville, Alabama.