Lakeland Hospital Update

As we are beginning to see positive COVID-19 people in our community, it is IMPERATIVE that we continue with social distancing. I realize this is an inconvenience, but it is the ONLY proven way to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The CDC and the Alabama Department of Public Health are continuing to provide updates daily. We are continually revising our protocols as we receive those updates. I know we are a small community hospital, but I can tell you, we are prepared and equipped to care for our patients, you and your neighbors. The 6 ventilators, our Director of Respiratory secured is more than some larger hospitals and I’m sure you are watching the news and seeing what a valuable piece of equipment is in the treatment of COVID-19. I’d like to publicly thank Jennifer Spurgeon for the extra work and persistence to secure those ventilators. Our staff have all participated in additional infection control training and have been willing to learn and provide for the needs of our community. Our Facebook page is being updated daily, so if you have questions, please message us. In closing, if you see a health care worker out, please say a simple thank you. It means more than you know. We love our community. Stay in, stay calm, and Wash Your Hands.

Sincerely, Ashley