Haleyville City Council

The Haleyville City Council met Monday night will George Russell absent. The Council approved a resolution authorizing Mayor Ken Sunseri to purchase equipment for the concession building at the new sports complex. The equipment will include freezers, ice and drink machines, refrigerators, stainless steel work tables, shelving and other miscellaneous items not to exceed $35,000.00.

The Council approved the renewal of a $975,000 line of credit. Also approved was a change order for Cripple Creek Neighborhood Improvements project. The change was to install a 2-inch PVC water main along 17th Avenue in lieu of a 6-inch PVC water main and a fire hydrant resulting in a net decrease of $9,6000


Mayor Sunseri stated the downtown weather warning siren next to the Water Department was still inoperative awaiting parts. The next scheduled meeting of the Haleyville City Council will be Monday, December 19, 5:30 p.m. at City Hall.