Haleyville City Council

The Haleyville City Council met through teleconferencing for the first time as a caution against spreading or contracting the Covid-19 virus. The Council approved the bid and purchase of a tractor and rotary cutter from Scott Equipment of Russellville, Alabama for the quoted amount of $24,153.61 and $2,079.36, respectively; a total of $26,232.97.

A contractor is currently working on the construction of the 2020 Winter Street Paving Project (26th Street and 30th Street). A request was made to the Contractor to add areas to be resurfaced as part of that project. These areas include the continuation of 30th Street from Elizabeth Street to Littleville Road (approximately 510’ x 22’), 16th Avenue at 27th Street (94’ x 30’), and 27th Street and 15th Avenue (270’ x 30’).  These areas were chosen because of the amount of traffic daily and for the fact that the roadbed was exposed and eroding.  The work added in Change Order No. 1 amounts to an increase of $12,317.20. Mayor Sunseri approved the additional paving on 27th Street under the Local Emergency Order. 

The Council voted to allocate $9,536.62 for the repair of the City limb truck.

The next scheduled regular City Council meeting will be on Monday, April 20 which may be another teleconference meeting.