Haleyville City Council

The Haleyville City Council met Monday, March 16 at the Haleyville City Hall in an unusual setting. Everyone, including the Council members, were seated with several feet between each seat. Mayor Sunseri explained the City was simply following the basic guidelines set down by the Governor by spacing people and a sanitizing hand wash, both entering and leaving the room.

With Richard Bittinger absent Mayor Sunseri and the Council heard from Ray Forester who expressed his thanks for all the help each year and a reminder the 10th Annual Mark Forester Price of Freedom Race is scheduled for May 16. Mr. Forester stated this event has provided 25 scholarships to date.

The Council approved the general operating bills for February in the amount of $357,337.38 and a tax abatement for Gumbo and Jazz.

An award was made to Stix Contracting for pothole repair at various locations in the city. Stix had the low bid of $35,000. $9,400 was approved for a sand change in the City Pool filtration system.

The next scheduled Haleyville City Council meeting will be on Monday, April 6 at the Haleyville City Hall.