Haleyville City Board of Education

The Haleyville City Board of Education met Tuesday, August 27 with all members present. The Board approved the Board expenditures for July in the amount of $1,503,481.71. They also approved the athletic supplement schedule, and the HHS cross country, fishing team, HMS football, and volleyball schedules. The General Liability/Errors and Omissions Liability Insurance Fund participation and instructional policy were approved.

Seven use of facilities, three field trips, and twenty-two fundraisers were approved.

Under personnel, the Board approved the Professional Services agreement for Jenny Holliman, a leave of absence for Whitley Fragale, Lee Frix as Assistant Cross Country Coach, the resignation of Guy Rains as Social Worker, Brandy Hulsey as a volunteer for HMS, and Steve Bryant as a part-time maintenance worker.

The Serve with Pride Awards this month were in honor of Gary Warren, the former head of the Haleyville Center of Technolgy and much-beloved teacher. His widow, Mrs. Warren (also a retired teacher) was on hand to help with the presentations.

Rylie Kate Johnson, HES

Larry Ray Morlan, HES

Andrew Barton, HMS

Will McCullar, HMS

Brantson Lambert, HHS