Halevyille City Board of Education

The Haleyville City Board of Education met Tuesday, May 24 with Beth McAlpine absent. The first order of business was the election of officers for the coming year.

Kris Burleson was elected president and Barry Burleson was elected vice-president.

Under new business, the Board approved the financial statements and board expenditures for April in the amount of $1,242,798.80, a budget amendment, salary schedule and the scheduled monthly board meeting calendar.

The Board also approved a job description for and the creation of an Intervention Teacher position and the creation of an additional class size reduction unit at Haleyville Elementary School.

Summer school at Haleyville High and math tutoring services at Haleyville Middle School were approved.

The Board approved the use of the HES Cafeteria by the Winston County Sports Hall of Fame on July 16, 2016. Two field trips and three fund-raisers were also approved.

Because it was the last Board of Education meeting of the school year, there were 29 personnel actions taken.

Kaleb Baker was hired as an indoor/outdoor summer student worker

The Board approved the non-renewal of Diane Benford as an employee and the

resignation of Tiffany Boyles as a teacher at the HES.

Mark Burleson was hired as paraprofessional at HHS.

Janna Carruth was hired as a teacher at HES.

Board approved non-renewal of Kristy Clark as paraprofessional at HES.

Holly Comeens was hired as a teacher at HES.

Leah Epperson was hired as intervention teacher with Haleyville City Schools.

Board approved the non-renewal of Misty Fannin as paraprofessional at HES.

Amy Morgan voluntarily transferred from HMS to HES as physical education teacher.

Casey Fox was hired as physical education teacher at HMS.

Abbey Harbin was hired as physical education teacher at HMS.

The Board approved the non-renewal of Kavla Holcomb as a teacher at HES.

Renee Horton was hired as Special Education Paraprofessional.

The Board accepted the resignation of Cheryl Letson as a teacher at HHS.

Jyl Loden was hired as speech-language pathology assistant.

Chandler McAlister was hired as Special Education Teacher at HES.

Board approved a voluntary transfer of Cecil Reynolds from HMS to HES.

The resignation of Jessica Sartin as a math teacher at HHS was approved.

Shelly Cooper was hired as math teacher at HHS.

Dusty Farris Yealock was hired as Special Education Paraprofessional.

Tenure was approved for the following certified personnel at HES: Lisa Emerson, Lauren Hall, Melanie Hogan and Leah Lyle.

Tenure was approved for Mandy Townsend at HMS.

Tenure was approved for Caleb Beason, Dwayne Melton and Jamie White at the Haleyville Center of Technology.

Non-probationary status was approved for Jesse Lyon at the Central Office and Gary Tidwell and Linda Thomas HHS.

William Farris was hired as summer student maintenance worker.

The Board approved the resignation of Wayne Frazier as Principal of Haleyville Elementary School.

The Board will soon be advertising for a replacement for the position of principal at HES.

Graduation for the 2016 Class of Haleyville High School will be Friday night at 8 p.m. at Bubba Scott Field.