Freedom Fiber Installation

The high anticipation for those who of us who are waiting on freedom Fiber to be installed in our homes or business seems endless. My business now has 200/Mb service and I love it. Still waiting at home.  Meanwhile, the small, thin tube of glass has to be spliced at various places, including every single line from a “trunk” line carrying many strands of fiber, to the one which actually goes into the home or office.

A company from Brilliant, Frazier Splicing, has a contract for much of the splicing work for freedom Fiber. Two techs were recently working at the corner of 30th Street and Littleville Road and took the time to demonstrate how it is done.First, the fiber strands have to be trimmed to present a very straight edge. Then the two pieces are placed in a small apparatus that holds the two pieces together while heating up the tips of both with a laser beam which causes them to fuse together. The “magic” $10,000 box also checks to see how much signal, in this case, light, is lost passing through the new connection.If you have not signed up for Freedom Fiber, it is not too late. You may sign up now, regardless of your location, and show your interest and help connect the way to a better future.