Free to a good home


These little girls need a home. The tortie is Mina. She was found outside my home in June and I placed her, but the lady who adopted her can’t keep her anymore due to her landlord and neighbor. So per our agreement, she came back to me, along with a ‘sister’. She is a very sweet girl, litter trained and needs to be kept inside. The marmalade kitten is Ginny. The same lady rescued her at five weeks old after someone tossed her, her mother, and litter mates out of a moving vehicle. Ginny was the only one who survived and she was in a bad state. Her rescuer got her back to a healthy weight and she was well tended. She is such a snuggle bug. They are bonded and I’d like to place them together. Mina was likely born in April. Ginny probably at the end of May. They have had a tough start and deserve a loving forever home. I wish I could keep them indefinitely, but I can’t. So please share and let’s find these little ladies a good home. Message me or call 205-269-7773.