• Send Help to KY

    Initiated by Cox Farms, and with help from the Haleyville Rescue Squad, a drive is underway to help the recovery efforts for the area in Kentucky devastated by tornadoes over the weekend. A cargo trailer is set up in the parking lot behind the Haleyville City Hall to take donations for the victims of last week’s tornadoes. There will be an attendant with trailer 7-5 daily who will be accepting call goods. Water, easily eaten canned goods, disposable cooking utensils, clean wipes, hand sanitizer, hygiene products, toilet paper, paper towels, diapers, clothes, blankets, towels, wash rags, tarps, construction utensils, roofing nails, premix saw fuel, mixing oil, bar and chain oil, saw files, work gloves. Dog and cat food are also needed. Please deliver in boxes if possible. There will be some boxes on site with trailer. The last day for accepting donations is this Friday, December 18 @ 3 pm. Look  for drop boxes around town at local businesses as well as the Haleyville Rescue Squad Building.

    Rescue Squad Building has a RED drop box in the front of the building. Squad building is behind the AA building on 28th street and Littleville Rd. 24hours a day 7 days a week
    Cox’s Hwy 195 Farm and Tire Supply, 39650 Hwy 195. 7-5 M-F 7-noon Sat.
    Lippert Plant 203 (formerly Kinro)
    112 Brewer Street, Double Springs
    (On Hwy 195 just before the red light at 195/278)
    Monday – Friday 7am to 3pm
    Jolly Dan’s 755 State Hwy 129 Mon -Sat 7am to 4pm Sun 11am to 3pm.
    Traditions Florist, 2310 11th ave, Haleyville.

    Money donations will be accepted. Please make checks payable to the Haleyville Rescue Squad.

    Goods will be delivered to Mayfield, KY and surrounding areas Sunday, December 19th.

  • Message From Lakeland Hospital

    The staff at Lakeland Community Hospital is incredibly grateful for the support and donations received from our community partners, especially during this time of critically low supplies. We are also thankful for the kindness shown as we follow Governor Kay Ivey’s proclamation to have no visitors at the hospital. The sacrifices you are making will protect the most vulnerable of our community. I’d like to update you on our preparation for caring for those affected by COVID-19. We are staying abreast of the current CDC and Alabama Department of Public Health’s guidelines. I’d like to pass along some information about our hospital as well as some new information we just received from the Alabama Department of Public Health.

    • • No confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Winston County
    • • We are well prepared to care for patients with COVID-19 o 7 tested for COVID-19; 5 are negative, 2 are pending
    • o 6 negative pressure rooms
    • o 6 ventilators
    • o 4 ICU beds
    • o Fully staffed Emergency Department
    • o Fully staffed Med-Surg Unit

    As I mentioned, we have just received changes from ADPH criteria for testing:

    • o The patient is symptomatic with at minimum (measured or subjective fever OR cough OR shortness of breath, and
    • o The patient is hospitalized, or
    • o The patient is immunocompromised or has co-morbidities, or
    • o The patient age 65 years or older, or
    • o The patient is a healthcare worker, or
    • o The patient is associated with a long-term healthcare facility

    Again, thank you for your continued support of our hospital. Stay in, stay well, and wash your hands!


    Ashley Pool, CEO

  • Main Street Ministries Food Distribution

    Main Street Ministries in Winston County is continuing with its food distribution during the Coronavirus outbreak; however, the procedure and hours have changed. Clients will be served on Tuesday as usual, but the hours will be from one to six o’clock pm. They will stay in their vehicle while their box of food is brought out to them. We are also utilizing our partner, Capstone Medical Clinic, to provide hand sanitizer and information in every box.

  • Absentee Voting Info

    Absentee ballots applications are being accepted and ballots are being mailed out.  The last day to walk in and vote is Thursday, July 9, the last day a ballot can be mailed out is Thursday, July 9. 2020.

    Questions call 205-489-5533

    J. D. Snoddy

  • HES Kindergarten Registration

    Haleyville City Schools will hold kindergarten registration on Wednesday, April 1, 2020, from 8:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m.   Registration will be held at the Haleyville Elementary School library.  A child who is being registered for kindergarten must be five (5) years old on or before September 1, 2020, and meet Board enrollment requirements before he/she can attend school for the 2020-2021 school year.  Parents or guardians registering prospective kindergarten students are encouraged to bring the following:

    1. The child’s birth certificate
    2. Immunization certificate showing that the child has had all of the required immunizations:  D.P.T., polio, measles, and mumps.  ALABAMA STATE LAW REQUIRES PROOF OF THE IMMUNIZATIONS BEFORE A CHILD CAN ENTER KINDERGARTEN OR FIRST GRADE
    3. Social Security Card
    4. Proof of residency
    5. Custody Papers (if applicable)
    6. Driver’s License of parent/guardian

    A team of Kindergarten teachers will be administering the HES Kindergarten Screener to all children who will attend kindergarten in the fall of 2020.  Thus, it will be necessary for you to bring your pre-school child with you to registration so we can administer this short screening instrument.  We plan to make this a fun experience for the children.  You can help by planning to make this a special outing for you and your pre-schooler.  In an effort to avoid over-crowded conditions and give each child individual attention, we ask that you adhere to the following schedule:


    M-Z 12:00-2:30

    We realize that some of you may work and can only come at certain times.  We will adjust our schedule to accommodate working parents.

    It is important that all parents or guardians register eligible children on April 1.

    Further inquiries can be made by calling Haleyville Elementary School at 486-3405.

    Disclaimer:  The enrollment of homeless, migratory, immigrant and ELL students will not be denied or delayed in accordance to the Haleyville City School Board’s policy File:JBCB.