• City of Haleyville Ordinance to Regulate the Discharge of Firearms

    ORDINANCE #2021-05



    WHEREAS, the City Council of the City of Haleyville, Alabama, has determined that it is wise, expedient, and in the best interests of the citizens of the City to regulate the discharge of firearms and to prohibit the repetitive discharge of firearms in the City; and,

    WHEREAS, the City Council has determined that said regulations will promote the general safety, health, and welfare of its citizens, and that said regulations and prohibition is a justifiable exercise of the police powers of the City; and

    WHEREAS, with this Ordinance, it is the intent of the City Council to allow all citizens the right to protect and enjoy their property; and,

    WHEREAS, a draft of this Ordinance was reviewed and approved by the City of Haleyville Police Department prior to its consideration by the City Council; and,

    WHEREAS, this Ordinance is intended to supplement existing Alabama laws and regulations regarding the discharge of firearms from, upon, or across public roads, see § 9-11-257, Ala. Code 1975, and the act of hunting or discharging a firearm near a dwelling, see Ala. Admin. Code 220-2-.139, which laws and regulations will continue to be enforced by appropriate hunting and law enforcement officials.


    1. It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to discharge or cause the discharge of any firearm within the City limits of the City of Haleyville, Alabama, except as provided herein.
    1. It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to maintain or operate any form of outdoor shooting range or club, outdoor skeet range or club, or shooting gallery within the City limits of the City of Haleyville, Alabama, except as provided herein, the facility shall be approved by the City of Haleyville Planning Commission.
    1. An indoor shooting range shall be allowed provided that, prior to the operation of the shooting range, the facility shall be approved by the City of Haleyville Planning Commission.
    1. This Ordinance shall not apply to or be construed to prohibit the lawful discharge of firearms in any of the follow circumstances:
      1. the execution of the law or performance of duties by law enforcement officer;
      2. military parade or ceremony conducted under the supervision of an appropriate commissioned or non-commissioned officer;
      3. discharge for protection or in legal defense of person or property as otherwise allowed by law;
      4. hunting or discharge of firearm as otherwise allowed by law;
      5. at functions known as turkey shoots with shotguns only whose dates, times and location are advertised and held by civic, community, or charitable groups in furtherance of their civic, community, or charitable purposes and held no more often than one times per week nor more often than 10 times per year.
      6. Killing of varmints, reptiles, or other vermin in a way that does not endanger persons or property of others
    1. Nothing in this Ordinance shall be construed to allow any action which otherwise would be considered a nuisance pursuant to state law or other City ordinance, or a violation under the City noise ordinance in effect at this time and as it may be amended.
    1. Each violation of this ordinance shall be a separate offense.  Anyone who is found in violation of this ordinance shall be guilty of an ordinance violation and shall be fined not more than five hundred dollars ($500.00) per offense and/or sentenced to thirty (30) days in jail.
    1. Severability Clause:   If any section or provision of this Ordinance shall hereafter be declared invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, such declaration shall not affect the validity of any other section or provision of this Ordinance.
    1. Repeal of Conflicting Ordinances.  Any Ordinance in conflict with this Ordinance shall be and is hereby repealed on the effective date of this Ordinance.
    1. Effective Date.  This Ordinance shall become effective upon approval, passage, and publication as required by law.

                      Adopted and approved this 20th day of December 2021.


    _____________________ _____________________

    Christy Harbin Ken Sunseri

    Acting City Clerk Mayor

    I, Christy Harbin, the undersigned Acting City Clerk of the City of Haleyville, Alabama, hereby certify that the foregoing constitutes a true, correct, and complete ordinance duly adopted by the City Council of the City of Haleyville, Alabama, at a meeting thereof held on this 20th day of December 2021, at which meeting a quorum was present and acting throughout.

    Witness my signature as Acting City Clerk, under the Seal of said City, this 20th day of December 2021.


    Christy Harbin

    Acting City Clerk

  • Haleyville Rotary Toys for Kids

    Thursday, December 16th, 2021, the Haleyville Rotary Club distributed over 500 toys to 108 families for their Annual Toys for Kids Program.  Toys were specifically purchased with each child’s request thoughtfully kept in mind.  To be able to fill the holiday toy wishes of these children is a blessing, and the heartfelt time and energy invested by those involved is deeply appreciated.

    It is always wonderful to see a Community come together to help during the Holiday Season.  Humanity and Compassion still abound, and is shown through the selfless acts of those who organize, donate, and volunteer for these types of programs.  These beautiful souls come together to bring a little Light and Love, and the Haleyville Rotary Club would like to express its Gratitude to all who assisted in making the Toys for Kids Program a wonderful success this year.

  • Send Help to KY

    Initiated by Cox Farms, and with help from the Haleyville Rescue Squad, a drive is underway to help the recovery efforts for the area in Kentucky devastated by tornadoes over the weekend. A cargo trailer is set up in the parking lot behind the Haleyville City Hall to take donations for the victims of last week’s tornadoes. There will be an attendant with trailer 7-5 daily who will be accepting call goods. Water, easily eaten canned goods, disposable cooking utensils, clean wipes, hand sanitizer, hygiene products, toilet paper, paper towels, diapers, clothes, blankets, towels, wash rags, tarps, construction utensils, roofing nails, premix saw fuel, mixing oil, bar and chain oil, saw files, work gloves. Dog and cat food are also needed. Please deliver in boxes if possible. There will be some boxes on site with trailer. The last day for accepting donations is this Friday, December 18 @ 3 pm. Look  for drop boxes around town at local businesses as well as the Haleyville Rescue Squad Building.

    Rescue Squad Building has a RED drop box in the front of the building. Squad building is behind the AA building on 28th street and Littleville Rd. 24hours a day 7 days a week
    Cox’s Hwy 195 Farm and Tire Supply, 39650 Hwy 195. 7-5 M-F 7-noon Sat.
    Lippert Plant 203 (formerly Kinro)
    112 Brewer Street, Double Springs
    (On Hwy 195 just before the red light at 195/278)
    Monday – Friday 7am to 3pm
    Jolly Dan’s 755 State Hwy 129 Mon -Sat 7am to 4pm Sun 11am to 3pm.
    Traditions Florist, 2310 11th ave, Haleyville.

    Money donations will be accepted. Please make checks payable to the Haleyville Rescue Squad.

    Goods will be delivered to Mayfield, KY and surrounding areas Sunday, December 19th.

  • Haleyville City Council

    At the Haleyville City Council meeting, on Monday, December 6, 2021, the Haleyville Parks & Recreation 3rd & 4th Grade All Star Volleyball Team was awarded a Proclamation, and presented with trophies, as they finished the season with the State Championship.

    Representing The Tony Barnes Memorial Charity, Toni Peden requested use of property for a Block Party in July.  This was met with approval, pending details.

    The City of Haleyville is currently working on the 2020 Neighborhood Improvements, including 7th Avenue South – Mineral Springs Apartments, Streets, Drainage, Water, and Sanitary Sewer.  Delayed delivery of materials has caused the Contractor to request a time extension of thirty (30) days to complete the project.  The Project Engineer has reviewed and approved the extension, making the contract completion date December 28, 2021.

    The City of Haleyville has a 1995 Chevrolet GMT 400 C Truck (Vin#1GBKC34F4SJ105660) in the Street and Sanitation Department, which is no longer needed for public or municipal purposes.  The Alabama Code of 1975 authorizes the municipal governing body to dispose of unneeded personal property, which will be accomplished by selling above stated property to the Winston County Commission. 

    Sealed bids for Parking Lot Improvements at Lakeland Community Hospital were received and opened.  The Project Engineer has reviewed the bids received and recommends that the project be awarded to Central Alabama Asphalt & Construction Company, LLC for their Base Bid of $237,990.00.

    Addition of a non-destructive Sewer Rehabilitation Project to the American Rescue Plan Act’s Project list was approved.

    Fontaine Property, approximately 17 acres, was declared as no longer being needed for public or municipal purposes. The Mayor and City Clerk are hereby authorized and directed to take sealed bids, with the purchase to be approved by the City Council.  A legal description of the property is listed in Ordinance #2021-04.

    The next City Council Meeting is scheduled for December 20, 2021, 5:30 p.m., at City Hall.

  • Haleyville City Council

    The Haleyville City Council met Monday, with all members present.  The Council approved October’s General Operation Bills and Purchase Orders in the amount of $457,372.69.  The annexation of Greg & Wanda Perry’s property into the City Limits was also approved.

    Project Engineer, Calvin Cassady, has negotiated with Tennessee Valley Metals to provide and install an aluminum stage roof, for the Downtown Park Stage, at a cost of $53,671.00.

    Bids for the renovation of four infields at the Haleyville Sports Complex were received.  The Project Engineer, Calvin Cassady, recommended the project be awarded to Sur-Line Turf, Inc. for their Base Bid of $105,000.00. The Council approved.

    The City of Haleyville will make improvements to the Rocky Ravine Park Trail, including new stairways and clearing of the walking trail.   The Cassady Company was selected to provide engineering services for this project at a fee not to exceed $15,000.00.

    The City of Haleyville will resurface and stripe the parking lots at the Lakeland Community Hospital.  The Cassady Company was selected to provide engineering services for this project at a fee not to exceed $37,500.00.

    It was determined that it serves the interest of the City to offer an incentive to any employee not enrolled in Local Government Health Insurance, by virtue of a valid waiver. They will receive a bi-weekly stipend of $100.00.  There was also an approval of a 5.9% increase for Employee Health Insurance.

    Jimmy Elliott’s resignation from the Upper Bear Creek Water Authority was approved, as well as Drew Thrasher’s appointment to the same.

    The Council approved for new street lights for Masonite.

    The Haleyville City Council invites and encourages your participation in local government. The City Council meets at City Hall the first and third Monday of every month at 5:30 PM.

  • Russellville Man Dies in Crash on Hwy 243

    Hamilton Post–A single-vehicle crash at approximately 9:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 5, has claimed the life of a Russellville man.  Cody A. Gasaway, 32, was fatally injured when the 2005 Chevy Trailblazer he was driving left the roadway, struck a tree, and was ejected. Gasaway was pronounced deceased while being transported to the hospital.  The crash occurred on Alabama 243 near Osborne Lane, approximately six miles east of Haleyville. Nothing further is available as Troopers with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency’s (ALEA) Highway Patrol division continue to investigate.

  • Boshell Appointed to Vacant Council Seat

    Then Haleyville City Council met Monday, November 1. The first order of business was the swearing in of former Mayor Ray Boshell to fill the council seat left vacant with the resignation of Jonathan Bennett, who moved outside the city limits. Hea was sworn in by City Judge, Jonathan Lowe.

    The Haleyville Police Department will receive 12 new tasers at a cost of $32,556.00, coved by grant. The Fire Department declared 1,000 feet of 5 inch fire hose surplus property.

    Mayor Sunseri announced the hiring of three new police officers, effective November 15, at $13.00/hr, pending psychological and physical evaluation. the new hires will also have to complete the Law Enforcement Academy. The three new officers are Preston Collins, Joshua Dempsey, and Kodie Gray.

    The next scheduled Haleyville City Council meeting will be on Monday, November 15, 5:30 p.m. at the City Hall.