• ARC Pageant this Saturday

    The Winston Marion Arc Easter pageant will be Saturday, March 19 at 5:00 p.m. at the Haleyville Elementary School. The pageant is for girls ages 1-12. Entry forms for the pageant are available at the Arc, the Sunrise Shop, Dr. Palmers office, and the Blue Kangaroo. The deadline for the pageant is Thursday, March 17. The rehearsal for the pageant is Thursday, March 17 at the Haleyville Elementary School from 4:00-5:30. For more information, call 486-2178.

  • Governor Appoints Tommy Moore Winston County Sheriff

    Governor Robert Bentley has officially announced the appointment of Tommy Moore as the Sheriff of Winston County. He will assume his duties on Monday, March 14. Moore has been working as the investigator for the District Attorney for 18 years and has 27 years in law enforcement. He was chosen over five other candidates whose names were submitted to the governor.

    In an interview with WWWH 92.7 news, Moore said his first goal as the new sheriff was to get the deputies to become more interactive with the people in the county. He said he plans to lead by example. The biggest problem he said is narcotics, more specifically, Ice which is a more pure form of meth. No changes are expected initially in the personnel.

    He said he plans to do the best job he can. He said: “I want to be Sheriff of Winston County, because I care about the people of Winston County.

    Listen to the interview on the Paradise 92.7 at 6:30, 7:30 a.m. 12 noon and 5:30 each day.

    There will be a public swearing-in Monday evening at 6:30 in the court room of the old court house.

  • City Council Meeting

    The Haleyville City Council met Monday night with Drew Thrasher absent with an unusually long agenda. After approving the minutes from the last council meeting and a work session, the council approved the following:

    1. Advertising for bids for the Cripple Creek Neighborhood Improvement Grant.

    2. Advertising for bids for Airport Hangar Replacement Project Grant.

    3. Three change orders for work at the new Haleyville Sports Complex were considered.

        Two of the changes were approved which will add electrical power for the irrigation system.

        One change for the restrooms was tabled.

    4. Purchasing fencing from the lowest bidder in the amount of $176,372.00.

    5. Bid for paving 23rd Street between 9th Avenue and 10th Avenue in the amount of $25,430 from Shoals Paving.

    6. Bid for paving 18th Avenue at Crossway Church in the amount $23.430 from Shoals Paving.

    7. Advertise for bids for sidewalks at the Sports Complex.

    8. Advertise for Seasonal worker at Park and Recreation Department.

    9. Advertising for lifeguards at Park and Recreation.

    10. Hired full-time fireman Philip Pratt to replace retiring Tommy Lewis.

    11. Purchasing deck for Kubota tractor for Park and Recreation for $1,884.

    12. Appointed Billy Ray Parson to Solid Waste Disposal Authority Board.

    Lauren Tinker made a short presentation thanking the council and the city and requesting assistance again this year for the upcoming annual Mark Forester Price of Freedom Run.

    The next meeting of the Haleyville City Council will be Monday, March 21 at 5:30 at City Hall.

  • Controlled Burn

    The Bankhead National Forest is planning to burn 1238 acres today near Ashridge Community in Winston County.  During today’s burn, the public will notice Forest Service fire crews and equipment.  Smoke may also be visible on Winston County Road 60 and AL HWY 195, located South and West of this burn area.

    The wind is expected to be out of the South and carry the smoke to the North towards Moulton.  As the temperatures cool later today, the smoke may begin to settle down the Caney Creek drainage.  Some settling may also occur around the general area of the burn. Signs will be posted if needed.  If encountering smoke on roadways, please slow down, turn on your low-beam headlights and use caution when encountering prescribed burning operations and smoke. 

    Remember, a prescribed burn is a controlled fire ignited by professionally trained and experienced Forest Service personnel.  A prescribed burn is carefully planned to improve the health of your national forest.  If you have any questions, please contact the Bankhead Fire Dispatch at 205-489-5111.

  • Election Results

    Super Tuesday went smoothly for area voters, despite the rain, turnout for a primary and caucus election was good. The total number of voters was 6,507 with 6,023 Republicans and 459 Democrats.

    Here are the results of the election for local and area offices.

    For Circuit Court Judge, incumbent Judge John Bentley won with 3,315 votes in Winston County and 4,109 in Marion County for a total of 7,424. Suzanne Childers received 1,660 votes in Winston and 1,918 in Marion for a total of 3.578.

    For Constable Winston County Precinct 1, Mark Farris won with a total of 566 over Ron Alexander 375.

    Congressman Robert Aderholt received 4,348 and his opponent Phil Norris had a total of 1,191. Senator Shelby carried Winston County with 3,433 versus 1,649 votes for Jonathan McConnell.

  • HES Kindergarten Registration


    Haleyville City Schools will hold kindergarten registration on Friday, March 18, 2016, from 8:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. Registration will be held at the Haleyville Elementary School library. A child being registered for kindergarten must be five (5) years old on or before September 1, 2016, before he/she can attend school for the 2016-2017 school year. Due to current Board of Education policy, only students currently living in the Haleyville City school district will be allowed to register. Parents or guardians registering prospective kindergarten students are encouraged to bring the following:

    1. The child’s birth certificate
    2. Blue immunization certificate showing that the child has had all of the required immunizations: D.P.T., polio, measles, and mumps. ALABAMA STATE LAW REQUIRES PROOF OF THE IMMUNIZATIONS BEFORE A CHILD CAN ENTER KINDERGARTEN OR FIRST GRADE
    3. Social Security Card
    4. Proof of residency
    5. Custody Papers (if applicable)
    6. Driver’s License of parent/guardian

    A team of Kindergarten teachers will be administering the HES Kindergarten Screener to all children who will attend kindergarten in the fall of 2016. Thus, it will be necessary for you to bring your pre-school child with you to registration so we can administer this short screening instrument. We plan to make this a fun experience for the children. You can help by planning to make this a special outing for you and your pre-schooler. In an effort to avoid over-crowded conditions and give each child individual attention, we ask that you adhere to the following schedule:

    LAST NAMES BEGINNING WITH      A-L 8:30-11:30

    M-Z 12:00-2:30

    We realize that some of you work and can only come at certain times. We will adjust our schedule to accommodate working parents.

    It is important that all parents or guardians register eligible children on March 18.

    Further inquiries can be made by calling Haleyville Elementary School at 486-3405.

    Disclaimer: The enrollment of homeless, migratory, immigrant and ELL students will not be denied or delayed in accordance with the Haleyville City School Board’s policy

  • Public Hearing/City Council Meeting

    The City Council of Haleyville will meet for a public hearing at 5:15 P.M. on February 16, 2016 in the new Haleyville City Hall Courtroom located at 911 21st Street for the purpose of considering an application for assistance submitted by Bravo Food Service, LLC pursuant to City of Haleyville Ordinance Number 2013-03. Bravo Food Service, LLC has requested assistance from the City in the form of a sales tax rebate to assist in the development of commercial property within the City Limits of Haleyville which is projected to create at least eight (8) or more jobs in the operation of a restaurant to be constructed in the Village East Shopping Center lot in the City of Haleyville. During this public hearing there will be presentation by the developer and the general public will be given the opportunity to comment on the proposed action.

    The Haleyville City Council will meet at 5:30 following the public hearing.