• Haleyville Board of Education

    The Haleyville City Board of Education met Tuesday, February 25 with all members present.

    The Board approved amendments to the HCS Drug Testing Policy, the school calendar for 2020-2021, the adoption of the Resolution Opposing Mandated School Start Date Legislation, and the expenditures for January in the amount of $1,3636,810.61.

    The Board approved one use of facilities, three field trips, and four fundraisers. Under personnel, The Board approved the resignation of lee Frix as HHS Cross Country Coach, and approved Jamie White as HHS Assistant Golf Coach, the retirement of Angela Jones, HES Special Ed Teacher, and the retirement of Julia Howell Ellis as HES Teacher.

    The Serve With Pride Awards this month honored Chere’ Fetter, a who has been serving in many roles from teacher to Intermin HHS Principal for 29 years. Presently, she is Federal Program Director for HCS.

    Chere’ Fetter, Gracie Wakefield, Christy Bice, HES Principal

    Chere’ Fetter, Brolyn Grice, Christy Bice, HES Principal

    Bo Wilcoxen, HMS Principal, Chere’ Feter, Brodie Britnell

    Peyton Bailey, Chere’ Feter, Bo Wilcoxen, HMS Principal

    Chere’ Feter, Icsel Marchant, Davey Reed, HHS Principal

    Chere’ Feter, Eli Wakefield, Davey Reed, HHS Principal