• Haleyville City Council

    The Haleyville City Council met Tuesday night with all members present. The Council approved the general operation bills and purchase orders for November in the amount of $325,163.46. Mayor Sunseri read a proclamation condemning human trafficking and asking for citizens to help in reporting any activity which may involve this crime.

    Royce Benefield was re-appointed to the Healthcare Authority Board.

    The purchase of a new fire truck was discussed. The Council will make a decision at the first meeting in January. Meanwhile, an effort will be made to find the best price and take bids from local banks on financing the approximate $300,000 fire truck over 6 years.

    Mayor Sunseri read an email outlining a  plan of RPS Ambulance Service to add an Advance truck in Hamilton to help reduce the wait time for an ambulance. The Advance truck will mainly be used as a transfer and discharge vehicle, and as a backup to the regular medic ambulances when needed. The medical services available from the Advance truck will be less than from medics in the ambulances, however, it will help meet the increased demand for medical transportation.  Plans call for a day Advance truck to be located in Haleyville also.

    The Council discussed problems concerning a local business, then went into a closed session to discuss legal issues with the city attorney, Jeff Mobley. The City is exploring the possibility of revolting the business license due to complaints and problems.

    The next Haleyville City Council meeting will be Monday, January 6, City Hall.