• Haleyville Rotary Club Donates to Schools

    As a result of the recent Haleyville Rotary Club Barbeque dinner at the Haleyville Middle School, a total of $4,000 was presented to the three school principals on Thursday, September 12. This money is outside the regular school budget and will be used for special events and prizes to help motivate students, especially attendance. Tickets for the dinner were sold by the students and the top salesperson was Shelby Shipman, who was honored at the meeting. Shelby has been a consistent top ticket salesperson for several years. Her parents Lisa and Scott Shipmen were present for the special lunch and cake she received. Scott is also a member of the Rotary.

    The top sales by a school were by the Haleyville Elementary School, whose principal Christy Bice, used a unique motivation for her students. The top salesperson became acting principal for a day. Others in the photo above include Bo Wilcoxen, Principal HMS, Davey Reed, Principal, HHS, and Dr. Holly Sutherland, Supertendant HCS.