• Haleyville City Council

    The Haleyville City Council met Monday, August 19 with all members present. The Council approved the operation bills and purchase orders for July in the amount of $431,619.00.

    Resolution 2019-25 was approved which pledges to keep monies Haleyville is expected to receive from the additional excise tax on gasoline and diesel fuel in a separate fund and to spend it only for maintenance, improvement, replacement, and construction of roads as mandated by the State Law. The Resolution also called for the submission of an application to the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) for an ATRIP II Grant for funding of drainage and resurfacing of a portion of 11th Avenue and 30th Street in Haleyville, which is the Kelly Hill area.  The estimated project cost is $1,385,502. The request is that ALDOT complete all required preliminary design and construction engineering on this project.

    The City of Haleyville will utilize local or other funding to make drainage and street improvements, as funds are available, to the streets below at the listed estimated costs, which include engineering and construction.

    • 15th Avenue – $221,730
    • Briarwood Drive – $72,464
    • Brookhaven Subdivision – $455,909
    • Hilltop Subdivision – $377,112
    • 35th Street, 13th Avenue, 14th Avenue, & 15th Avenue – $131,836
    • 12th Avenue, 28th Place, & 29th Place – $163,203
    • 28th Street from Dime Road to 9th Avenue – $35,673

    The Council approved Resolution 2019-26 with is the renewal of the funding agreement with the City and the Health Care Authority of Haleyville and Winston County.

    The City approved the funding of $5,000 for a culvert project on lane Hill Drive. The work will be performed by the County.

    Robinson and Sons Company was given the approval to clean the block on the front and sides of City Hall for $960.

    The next City Council meeting was moved from Monday, September 2, to Tuesday, September 3.