• Power Lines Updated

    The main high voltage lines which go through Haleyville connecting to the Wilson Dam/TVA grid to the north and the grid from the Gorgas Steam Plant to the South were being updated recently by linemen from a contractor to Alabama Power. Some lines were being replaced and additional new ones added. The line through Haleyville was installed initially to provide power from the Gorgas plant to the TVA nitrate plant in Sheffield before Wilson Dam was completed. Thus this area had electricity before many other parts of the state. The two main railroad lines (Illinois Central and Southern) plus the availability of electricity helped Haleyville grow in the early 1900s. The railroads have lost their importance to this area, replaced by manufacturing. Haleyville still awaits a four-lane highway and a serious (100 MB or higher) high-speed internet service. Service from Alabama Power is still an important factor and has proven to be super reliable.