• City Audit Good

    An audit of the City’s 2017 finances was concluded with a report from CPA Dicky Sparks to the City Council Monday evening. He stated the City has a total of $35 million in assets, Revenue was $765,000 over expenditures and almost $700,000 in debt had been retired during 2017.

    Mr. Sparks praised the excellent work by Christy Harbin, City Clerk, and Calvin Cassady, Engineer, for initiating and closing out three sizable grants within one year.  He said that was most unusual in most cities.

  • Haleyville City Council

    The Haleyville City Council met Monday night with Blue Russell absent. The Council approved the general operation bills and purchase orders for June in the amount of $473,494.45.

    An application for funds through the State of Alabama Community Development Block Grant Program was approved along with the city’s part in funding a project for water and sewer, storm sewer and paving improvements on 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th Avenues, 22nd and 24th Streets, and McNutt Drive. Total matching funds is $485,389.01. The City will provide approximately half that amount, or $214,571.16 and the balance, $271,817.85 will be provided by the Haleyville Water Works and Sewer Board.

    Mayor Sunseri discussed a project presently being studied by Alabama Power on changing out the 750 street lights in the City to LEDs, a move which will provide more lighting at less cost.

    The Council approved the purchase of five time-clocks for a total of $4,275.62 to be used by all five departments instead of sign-in time sheets presently being used. The time clocks will be located at City Hall, the police department, Park and Rec, Street and Sanitation and the Fire Department.

    Mayor Sunseri praised the staff of Rose Manor and Lakeland Community Hospital for the safe evacuation and movement of the residents of Rose Manor to the hospital last Thursday following the kitchen fire at the assisted living facility.

    The next scheduled meeting of the Haleyville City Council will be Monday, August 6.