• Attention HHS Students and Parents

    Haleyville High School will be hosting a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Assistance) Day on Tuesday, December 6 from 8:00 am until the end of the day.  Representatives from BSCC and NWSCC will be present to help all parents and students with the FAFSA.  Please bring all of your 2015 Tax Returns to get help filling out the FAFSA. View videos on You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL23B9A23CD8DD82DD&feature=plcp

  • More Rain


    Another round of thunderstorms headed to Alabama tonight. The good news is the much-needed rain continues. The bad news, there is a possibility some of the storms could be severe, but the good news is, most of the worst weather should be south of this area. The next front on Wednesday night and Thursday will bring seriously cold temps, 36 Wednesday night, a high of only 43 Thursday and down to 20 Thursday night.

    Thanks to the many people who have called, texted or emailed with some great remarks about the Paradise 92.7 weather coverage last Tuesday night. Most told of their TV being out, their weather radios inoperative and Paradise 92.7 was on the air live to keep everyone informed about the tornados which struck Winston and Marion counties. No one was killed and no serious injuries. Just a reminder, if you do not have a battery-operated radio, may I suggest you get one today. It’s not if you need one, but when.

    Last week the Safe Room downtown was filled with over 400 people waiting out both waves of the storm. The other shelters throughout the city were also well utilized. Keep your eye on the weather, and remember when there is a tornado watch for this area, the Safe Room and shelters will be open.