• New Haleyville City Hall

    It pays to plan ahead. The new Haleyville City Hall was constructed in part on top of the Storm Safe Room. The original construction of the Safe Room was designed and built with a plans to place a community center type building on top. With the offer from CVS to buy the old city hall and property, the current administration saw an opportunity to rebuild a new facility downtown utilizing the Safe Room as a partial foundation.

    The offices of the mayor, magistrate, clerk, and other administrative personnel are now located and operational from the new Haleyville City Hall located between 20th and 21st Street downtown. It took over two years in the planning and execution of selling the old city hall, fire station and property to CVS. Once the deal was made, the administrative offices as well as the police department moved and operated temporarily from the Neighborhood Facilities.

    Work on the final stages of the installation of communication equipment being done this week. That means the Police Department, including the dispatch office has not yet moved but should do so soon. A ribbon cutting and open house has not yet been planned.