Haleyville City Schools Board of Education

The Haleyville Board of Education met Tuesday, December 18, and approved the expenses for November in the amount of $1,544,501.57. Under consent items, the Board approved three uses of facilities requests, four field trips, and one fundraiser.

Under personnel the Board approved the hiring of Jenny Holliman as a part-time contract school nurse, Dewayne Melton as Special Needs Bus Driver and a change in placement for Alex DeLeon from the HES to the HMS.

The Serve With Pride Awards were made in honor of a former Haleyville School teacher Linda Godsey who is shown with this month’s recipients and respective Principals.

Elis Godsey, Linda Godsey, Ty Woodard, Christy Bice, Principal, HES

John-Barrett Godsey, Linda Godsey, Maegan Woodard, Bo Wilcoxsen, Principal, HMS

Anna Grace Rains, Linda Godsey, Drake Robertson, Dr. McCoy, Principal, HHS