Drug Bust at Shady Brook Apartments

Carlton Lee Vaughn Whiteside Ladarius Dewayne Brown

On Monday, August 24, a confidential informant told Winston County Deputy Sheriff Eddie Collins there was a large amount of marijuana in a Shady Brook apartment in Haleyville. Based on that information, Collins obtained a search warrant and notified the Haleyville Police Department. Jason Williams, Rodney Lewis and Tim Steien of the Haleyville Police Department came to assist. Inside they found thirteen one ounce bags of marijuana, a small amount of cocaine and Indica cannabis, which is new to this area. Indica cannabis is marijuana in the form of candy. There were also scales and drug paraphernalia and a 45 cal pistol. Darius Brown(photo right), the occupant of the apartment arrived and admitted the drugs did belong to him.

Meanwhile, the Winston County Sheriff’s office had received information there was marijuana being sold from 248 Lakeshore Drive by Carlton Whiteside(photo left) Both locations are near each other and as it turned out, with Winston county Sheriff’s Investigator Josh Silas, Reserve Deputy Heather Hardy and a state probation officer who had originally obtained the information from Whiteside met and searched the Whiteside residence. There they found 11 plastic bags containing approximately one ounce of marijuana in each. They also found a Mossberg .22 cal rifle.

Within two hours, officers had arrested two people on the drug charges, plus while that was going on, another deputy arrived with a completely different search warrant and arrested two others with drug paraphernalia in a nearby apartment.

In the two initial busts, Carlton Lee Vaughn Whiteside, 25 was charged with distribution of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana first degree, possession of drug paraphernalia and a probation violation.

Darius Brown was charged with possession of marijuana 1st degree, unlawful possession of controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia Both are being held in the Winston County jail.