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Sunday, May 19, 2024

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Schools Change Student Cell Phone Policy

Thursday, July 28, 2011 | 12:00 AM

Haleyville Schools has updated its policy regarding the use of cell phones by students. The followng is the new policy:

Students will be allowed to talk/text only during class changes, lunchtime, and while riding on the school bus.

Cell phones should be off and not visible or in use during class unless directed by the teacher for an instructional activity.

Students will be disciplined for personal phone use during class time or other times as designated by the principal or during assemblies.

Students being disciplined MUST NOT use an electronic device without the permission of the administrator. Students that violate this rule will have additional discipline added to the original infraction.

Haleyville City Schools will not be responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen electronic devices brought to school.

Harassing or inappropriate communications will not be tolerated and students who engage in these types of activities will be disciplined and their cell phone privileges may also be revoked for a period to be determined by school administration.

Students violating the above rules by making calls, receiving calls, texting, recording, taking pictures, and/or using the internet will be subject to the following discipline:


Indirect Usage

Student not engaged in using the phone, but it goes off during the regular school day 

First Offense: Warning (documented by office)

Second Offense: 3 days of detention

Third Offense: 1 day of ISS and phone confiscated up to 30 days

Direct Usage

Student actively using the phone. Phone confiscated for the remainder of the day.

First Offense: Warning (documented by office and parent/guardian pick up)

Second Offense: 2 days ISS or 5 days of detention

Third Offense: 3 days of ISS and phone confiscated up to 30 days


Cell phone use on school grounds is a student privilege and not a student right.

Cell phone use during school hours may be revoked by administration for abuse.

In an attempt to ensure student safety and orderly school operations, the school reserves the right to examine all contents on cell phones or ECDs confiscated on school grounds.

If the item belongs to a third party the person in possession of the item at time of confiscation is responsible for the item and is subject to disciplinary action. In some cases a third party may recover the item by signing a consent form not to redeliver the item to the offender. Nothing in this policy obligates the school to attempt to ascertain whether there is a third party owner.

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