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Saturday, May 28, 2022

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Fire Dues Make a Difference

By Sam Poe
Friday, February 8, 2013 | 1:02 AM


The Haleyville Fire Department recently purchased a new rescue truck with the assistance of grant money. This equipment was needed to ensure the most efficient response to hazardous situations around the city. The Haleyville Fire Department also requires extensive training and equipment to keep each of our firefighters safe during emergencies. Currently, each firefighter utilizes about $8,000 in gear and equipment. Although grant money plays a major role in keeping equipment up to date, the city has to pay matching funds on each purchase. Those funds are generated through the annual fire dues that have to be paid by residents who live outside the city limits.

The Haleyville Fire District extends just beyond the city limits. In this area, residents are required to pay annual fire dues. They are $60 per year for each household and $100 per year for businesses and churches. This fee is mandatory and must be paid by January 1 each year. Citizens can be charged $1,000 if the fire department has to respond to a property where the dues have not been paid. Remember, the fire department can respond for multiple reasons including fire, motor vehicle accidents, medical response, and even false alarms.

The fire department has made it very easy to pay the dues each year, and there is a variety of ways to pay. First, citizens can have $5 per month added to their water bill, and the money will be forwarded to the fire department for their services. It can also be mailed to or dropped off at the water department at any time. The dues may be paid monthly throughout the year or annually each December. Please save yourself the risk of a $1,000 charge for a fire call. Take care of your fire dues today! If you are unsure about whether or not you need to pay, contact Phillip Weaver at the Haleyville Fire Department by calling (205) 486-2435.

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