• Missing Woman

    On January 2, 2018, Jessica Lee Ann Hamby left her residence and has not returned.  Her direction of travel is unknown at this time.

    Her family is concerned about her safety and well-being. Hamby, a mother of three, is 24 years old. She is 5’2, 125 lbs. with multiple tattoos on her arms and hands.

    If anyone has any information regarding the whereabouts of Jessica Lee Ann Hamby, please contact the Haleyville Police Department at (205) 486-5201, The State Bureau of Investigation at (256) 436-1344 or the 25th Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s Office at (205) 921-7403.  Currently, there is a multi-agency investigation into Hamby’s disappearance, but no other details are available at this time. – ALEA

  • Leo’s Loveliest Senior Division

    The Haleyville Center of Technology and the HHS 2018 Senior Class

    The 41st Annual Leo’s Loveliest Sr. Div, Saturday, March 3, 2018


    Mallory Rushing

    Miss Leo’s Loveliest Senior Division 2018


    Miss Photogenic

    Ashton McCullar


    Leo’s Loveliest Alternates

    Kalley Stevens (4), Kayleigh White (2), Megan Smith (1), Lauren Watkins (3)

  • Leo’s Loveliest Junior Division

    The Haleyville Center of Technology and the HHS 2018 Senior Class

    The 41st Annual Leo’s Loveliest Junior Division, Friday, March 2, 2018

    Macie Grace Palmer

    Junior Leo’s Loveliest and Miss Photogenic


     Leo’s Loveliest Alternates

    Kaitlyn Burleson (4), Kirsten Stevens(1), Emma Elkins(2), Macy Seymour(3)

  • Two Teens Removed From School

    The following is from the Haleyville City Schools FaceBook post which you may not have seen since not everyone is on FB.


    “Yesterday the administration at Haleyville City Schools was notified of an inappropriate Instagram post that was made by 2 of our HHS students. This post was of a threatening nature to schools. Once notified, these 2 students were removed from HHS by the Haleyville Police Department in conjunction with our juvenile authorities. The court systems are involved today. HCS, the City of Haleyville and County Officials take these types of threats seriously and the consequences are very serious. We encourage all of our students and parents to communicate with our administration if they have any questions, concerns or see any social media posts that make you uncomfortable. Safety is a top priority and we will do everything in our power to protect our children. If you have questions or concerns about this situation, please contact your school administration.”

  • Haleyville BOE

    The Haleyville Board of Education met Tuesday with one of the longest agendas on record. The Board approved the financial statements and expenditures for January in the amount of $1,280,316.37. Other items approved included members to serve on the textbook committee, the State-Adopted textbook list, summer school, tutoring services, sports schedules, amendments to the Administration Policy Program, the 2018-2019 school calendar, and several other items. Five use of facilities, nine field trips, and twelve fundraisers were approved. Several students were recognized for outstanding achievement and leadership. Click below for photos of presentations.

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  • Commission Passes Tax For Hospital

    Keeping the Lakeland Community Hospital open has been the main objective of both the City of Haleyville and Winston County. In order to fund the hospital the City passed a one-cent sales tax and on Monday, February 26, the Winston County Commission voted to impose an additional 2-mill ad valorem tax on property owners in the county. This is actually a reinstatement of a tax for the hospital which was in place when it was a county-owned hospital before the purchase by Caraway. The original tax was for 4 mills.

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  • Spreading Fertilizer By Air

    A ground crew and one pilot will be operating out of the Haleyville airport through Tuesday with one mission. Spreading fertilizer on thousands of acres of pine trees for timber companies. Each flight of the Air Tractor delivers 6 tons (12,000 lbs) to a crop of pine trees a few miles south of Haleyville.

    The specially formulated fertilizer makes an otherwise slow-growing crop grow much quicker, thus a quicker return on investment for the owners. Hog Aviation, based in NE Arkansas is doing the spraying.