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Sunday, May 26, 2024

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BOE Selects Leaders and Takes Personnel Action

By Glenn Collins
Thursday, May 27, 2010 | 12:02 PM

The Board re-elected Sandra Manasco and Steve Stott as its President and Vice President, respectively.

The Board of Education re-elected Sandra Manasco as its President and Steve Stott as its Vice President and took multiple personnel actions at its regular meeting Tuesday evening, including accepting the resignation of HHS Band Director Joel Henson.

The Board approved March expenditures of $1,244,608.71, six separate field trips, three fundraisers, textbooks for Career Tech, an addition to the substitute list and the Drivers' Education Summer Program, which begins June 7. It also apointed Bill Bishop as HCT Director.

In personnel action it retained the following teachers and administrators for the 10-11 school year: Kimela Adams, Renea Allen, Selena Alls, Rachel Armstrong, Lisa Arnold, Sheynon Baggett, Dustin Ball, Denise Banks, Shanda Barnett, Ronnie Barton, Michael Batchelor, Denise Berry, Christy Bice, William Bishop, Dana Bradberry, Marty Bradberry, Julie Brooksm Kerry Brown, Pamela Brown, Vicky Brown, Amy Jones Cagle, Patricia Carter, Selena Case, Cindy Chadwick, Lisa Cook, Jason Cooper, Regina Corsbie, Lila Dodd, Tiffany Donnan, Brock Dunn, Alyssa Elliott, Julia Ellis, Leah Epperson, Heather Evans, Amy Farris, Chere Fetter, Claire Frazier, Mary Beth Frazier, Wayne Frazier, Keith Garner, Kyle Garrison, Emile Gilbreath, Teena Goar, Linda Godsey, Kristy Goggans, Debby Hallman, Deb Hamrick, Blaine Hathcock, Jennifer Haughton, Amanda Hood, Juanell S. Howell, Amy Hyatt, Emily Johnson, Angela R. Jones, Donna C. Jones, Leigh Ann Kiser, Jennifer Kizzire, LeGenia Knight, Stephanie Lowman, Sherry McCoy, Jimmy McCrary, Tammy McCreless, John McCullar, Scott McGee, Anissa McGough, Thomas McLouth, Amanda McNutt, Todd McNutt, Neina Middleton, Kellye B. Miles, Pam Mobley, Liz Noble, Mitzi Petty, Kristin Pounders, Bobbie Jean Pruitt, Jennifer Rains, Susanne Rhodes, Lee Ann Richards, Dey Riddle, Kathy Rodgers, Christie Lee Romine, Kelly Rushing, Wendy Rushing, Vickie Sampson, Kim Sartin, Lea Satcher, Sheila Sewell, Mindy Seymour, Allison Sigler, Melani C. Smith, Dina Sparks, Sharon A. Spiller, Steve Spiller, Julia E. Stott, Mary Jo Swinney, Cindy Taylor, Greg Taylor, Kay Tedford, Alvin Temple, Stacie Temple, Ashley Tidwell, Patricia Tinker, Beth Townsend, Susanne Trallo, Brenda Tucker, Miriam Tucker, Suzanne Tyson, Bryan Ward, Kristi Ward, Linda Warren, Whitney Webb, Carol O. Whitt, Boyd Wilcoxson, Julie Wilcoxson, Casey Wilson, Robin Wilson and Debbie Wood.

It renewed contracts for the following certified, part-time personnel: Mike Batchelor, Beverly Masters, Annie Murphy and Cindy Taylor.

It retained the following support personnel: Vicki Adair, Valerie Baccus, Tammy Bailey, Tina Baker, Lisa Bales, Patricia Batchelor, Tina Batchelor, Frances Baugus, Diane Benford, Gaynell Berry, Natalie Boykin, Rita Brannon, Regina Burleson, Barry Butler, Teresa Butler, Judith Cooley, Jerry Corsbie, Faye Cummings, Cynthia Defoor, Evelyn Faircloth, Gina Frederick, Stan Galloway, Kim Gilbert, Patricia Godsey, Tina Head, Marlene Hicks, Shelby Hicks, Judy Johnson, Beverly Jones, Roy Jones, Scotty Jones, Misty Jordan, Madonna Langston, Sherri Lauderdale, Eric Lyon, Tammy McKinney, Debra Melton, Dwayne Melton, Diane Mize, Linda Mize, Brandi O-Rear, Kathleen Page, Vicki Page, Cozette Pickens, Dewanda Rowland, Myra Steele, Pam Steele, Kathy Sutherland, Kim Taylor, Becky Tery, Judith Thompson, Ronald Tidwell, Jamie Tuckers, Julie Vickers, Vicki Vickery, Betty Wakefield, Jamie Wakefield, Sandra Wakefield, Ronald Watson, Pam Wilson, Kelly Woodard and Pam Woodard.

It did not retain the following certified teachers: Jay Townsend, Dawn Odom and Nicole Kennemur.

It did not retain the following support personnel: Charlotte Barnett.

The next regular meeting of the board will be Tuesday, June 22, 7PM, at HHS.

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