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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

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School Banking

By Will Walker
Sunday, September 13, 2015 | 6:09 AM

This fall, Traders & Farmers Bank is opening the first “school bank” in Winston County. The “school bank” is designed to be integrated into the business education curriculum where financial literacy and responsibility instruction meet real world interaction. The bank is located in the Winston County Technical Center on the Winston County High School campus in Double Springs. The bank, staffed by students trained by the bank, will be open during 4th and 6th periods for students, faculty, and staff to conduct their banking business. With a $10 deposit, students may open a savings account with no monthly service fees and no minimum balance. This account will also have access to online banking and will receive a monthly statement. The goals of the school bank are two-fold. One of the goals is to give students the opportunity to have a real bank account where they will experience handling their own transactions and balancing their own account which will prepare them for financial responsibility in the future. A second goal is to give the students serving at the branch the opportunity to learn about professionalism, customer service, and in this case, money handling skills in a hands-on environment as they begin to accumulate knowledge, skill, and ability that we hope will assist them in their career success. "We are both excited and thankful to the Winston County school system for their partnership with us, Traders & Farmers Bank, in educating and preparing the students in our community for financial responsibility and success" stated Will Walker, President of Traders and Farmers Bank.

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