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Sunday, July 14, 2024

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Chase, Crash, Scuffle, One Apprehended

By Harold Bearden
Thursday, July 9, 2015 | 11:07 AM

Just after 1 p.m. on Wednesday, a radio call to the Haleyville Police Department said a man being sought by the Marion County Sheriff's Office was in a Toyota pickup and headed toward Haleyville on Highway 13 from the Bear Creek area. The pickup was seen turning up 8th Avenue, then on to Alabama Avenue where the driver, Faron Angus, spotted a Haleyville Police car and began driving at a high speed in reverse. When the truck was near the old Cusseta plant on Alabama, the driver drove between two fir trees and down behind the Cusseta office building. Tim Steien, driving an unmarked pickup, but with blue lights rammed the pickup, driving both his own truck and the other pickup into the side of a warehouse. The rear of the Toyota struck the building along side the pickup driven by Steien, which was pointed the opposite direction. As Angus tried to drive away, Steien, unable to open his driver's door, exited his truck through the driver's window and grabbed the driver with one hand, With Steien holding on, Steien reached inside with his other hand and jammed the gear shift into park. With the truck stopped, Steien, with help from other officers pulled the man from his truck and cuffed him. 

Faron Angus, 44, 321 Martin Drive, Russellville, was wanted on suspicion of eight burglaries at several homes on Highway 129 and Cherry Hill Road. The Marion County Sheriff's office had been investigating the burglaries for 3 weeks and Angus was their suspect in all of them. Officers from Franklin and Lawrence also consider him a suspect in several burglaries in both counties. The arrest yesterday may end a streak of burglaries for this area. 

Haleyville Police Investigator Steien did go to the ER following the altercation and is reported to be 'banged up" and sore, but plans to be back at work on Friday.

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