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Sunday, July 14, 2024

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Council Sells Unnneeded Police Cars

By Harold Bearden
Wednesday, February 18, 2015 | 5:02 AM

With all members present, except Councilman Royce Benefield, the Haleyville City Council met at the Neighborhood Facilities for their regular bi-monthly meeting Tuesday evening. The council approved the general operation bills for January for $386,020.52. A negotiated construction loan with Traders and Farmers Bank for the new city hall and and fire station was approved. While the loan can be drawn against for 20 years, the amount of the loan was not specified in the resolution. 

Bids for two unneeded police cars were approved with one bringing $450 and the other $350. See RES#2015-09 below for the winning bids.

Calvin Cassidy, engineer overseeing the construction of the new firestation, suggested waiting a couple of weeks before accepting the bids for phase II construction at fire station. He stated he thought he could get a better price, particularly on the plumbing. 

A resolution to enter into an agreement with Winston County for the purchase and operation of a drone was taken off the agenda. The issue of rezoning the Dobbs property on Newburg Road was not on the agenda and was not discused or considered. 

The next scheduled meeting of the Haleyville City Council will be Monday, March 2, 2015, at the Neighborhood Facilities Building. 


WHEREAS, on February 2, 2015, Resolution #2015-06, established and declared that the following surplus property was no longer needed for public or municipal purposes, and

WHEREAS, on February 13, 2015 at 2:00 P.M., seven (7) sealed bids were received and opened at the Neighborhood Facility Building as follows:

 2000 Crown Victoria                                 2006 Crown Victoria

VIN#2FAFP71W4YX214543                       VIN#2FAFP71W06X164186


  1.      Valeria Taylor $125.00                                $125.00
  2.      Scott Ward $250.00                                    $250.00
  3.      David Stokes $326.00                                 $326.00
  4.      Todd Barton $450.00

WHEREAS, upon due consideration of the bid(s) received, the council hereby finds that the offer is fair and reasonable for the price of the herein described property.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, by the City Council of Haleyville, Alabama that Mayor Ken Sunseri is hereby authorized to sell the surplus property to the highest bidders; David Stokes was awarded the 2006 Crown Victoria VIN#2FAFP71W06X164186 with his bid amount being $326.00, and Todd Barton was awarded the 2000 Crown Victoria VIN#2FAFP71W4YX214543 with his bid amount being $450.00. The two (2) vehicles are hereby “Sold As Is, Where Is, with all faults”.

Adopted and approved this 17th day of February 2015

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