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Sunday, May 26, 2024

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AL Supreme Court Refuses Hearing

Wednesday, October 1, 2014 | 12:09 AM

Photo Courtesy of the Alabama Department of Corrections

In August 2009, Christie Bray Scott was sentenced to death following a capital murder conviction for her son’s death. Scott has been convicted of setting fire to the family’s Russellville home in August 2008, resulting in the death of her six year old son, Mason. Scott is originally from Bear Creek, and she is also the first woman to receive the death sentence in Franklin County. 


In 2012, Scott’s attorney appealed the decision to the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals who upheld the conviction and death sentence. Scott’s attorney then made an appeal to the Alabama Supreme Court. In this appeal, Scott’s attorney named 22 issues they believed were errors in the appellate court’s ruling. Last week, the Supreme Court voted 5-1 to refuse to hear the issues, with one judge abstaining from the vote. Franklin County District Attorney Joey Rushing stated this further affirmed the conviction and death sentence and shows the lack of merit for the claims of errors in the case. The appeals process can now continue to the United States Supreme Court if Scott’s attorney chooses to pursue the appeal. 


Scott is currently being held on death row at Julia Tutweiler Prison for Women in Wetumpka. 


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