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Thursday, June 1, 2023

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HCS Adopts Sex Offender Policy

By Sam Poe
Friday, September 26, 2014 | 12:09 AM

At Tuesday evening’s Haleyville City Board of Education, the board approved a Sex Offender Policy for Haleyville City Schools. Here is a detailed look at the policy. 


“For the safety and security of all students, all adult sex offenders will be monitored by the school principal, or designee, while on Haleyville City Schools’ grounds or while attending Haleyville City Schools’ activities.


For the safety and security of all students, all adult sex offenders must report immediately to the principal of the school, or designee, upon entering school property or arriving at a K-12 school activity. When reporting to the principal or designee the adult sex offender will inform them of the rationale for his or her visit (who they are there to see and why) as well as where they plan to be during the activity (general location). The adult sex offender will also notify the principal or designee when they exit school grounds or the school activity. The school principal or designee, through visual observation, will periodically and discreetly monitor the whereabouts of the adult sex offender to the best of their ability while on school grounds or during the school activity. At no time should the adult sex offender be in an unsupervised area with K-12 students or in an area where they can not be observed by the principal or designee.”

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