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Thursday, December 8, 2022

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Band Brings Broadway

By Sam Poe
Wednesday, August 20, 2014 | 10:08 AM


With football season quickly approaching, many fans are also anticipating the first performance of the Roaring Lion Band. The band also had a very successful season last year bringing in multiple awards in all areas. Here's your first glance at what to expect this season, straight from Band Director, Mr. Reggie Tolbert.  

How many band members do we have? Majorettes? Color guard?   

78 Winds and percussion, 24 Colorguard, and 8 Majorettes

How many seniors make up the band?

8 in the colorguard and majorettes and 10 in the winds and percussion for 18 total

Are there any additional leaders/sponsors?

Joshua Wakefield helps with the percussion, and Mrs. Farris helps with the majorettes and colorguard.

Who is the drum major? 

Brandon Thrasher

What will the halftime show consist of this year? Songs? 

Our theme is The Best of Broadway—“The the Tony Award goes to…” 

The songs will be "No Business like Show Business,"" On Broadway,"" Can’t take my Eyes off of You" by the Jersey Boys, "Don’t Rain on my Parade" from Funny Girl, and "Les Miserable."

When can fans expect the first performance for the 2014-15 Roaring Lion Band? 

We will be going to Winston Co. for the first game, although it is a week earlier than normal.  Our goal is to have the first three songs on the field; however, that is quite ambitious for this early in the season.  I like to incorporate a lot of movement and our auxiliaries into the shows.

Since the band also competes, and does very well in competitions, when will the first competition be? How many total competitions do you expect to participate in this year? 

We're not exactly sure about where we will attend this season, but I plan on pushing our kids to go to at least three this season.

This year the band will also be getting new uniforms. Would you like to give us an idea of what to expect?

Actually we do have new uniforms on the way; however, we are not exactly sure when we will get them.  The date is 135-165 days from order so we are just waiting and hoping at this point that they will be in by the first home game.  As for the look, we really tried to capture the spirit and pride of this community and our school system as well as be practical so that we can use them for many years.  I think our community will be pleasantly surprised.

Additional comments from Mr. Reggie Tolbert:

I just want to thank the community, our wonderful administration, and board of education for all the support we are given each year.  They are truly a joy to work for and our board is so supportive.  A big thanks also goes to all our parents and students for the hard work they put into making our program a success.  I also need to thank our band boosters organization. They work so hard every year to make sure our students are taken care of as well as supporting us monetarily.


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