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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

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Crimson Casual Fired Up

By Glenn Collins
Tuesday, March 9, 2010 | 5:21 PM

Production is rolling at Crimson Casual

Crimson Casual, Inc., is shipping product. The plant went online March 1, and the first order will roll out the door Tuesday, headed for BM Ingram Co. in Florence. Six local investors got behind the project, envisioned in February, 2009.

Jonathan Bennett explains the production facility to members of government and the media Tuesday

The company currently employs approximately 20 people, with plans to increase that number within the next 8 weeks. 400 applications were made to work at Crimson. According to Jonathan Bennett, one of the investors, almost 300 applications were from former employees of Winston Furniture. "Our work force is the Winston Furniture work force that was left here, stranded basically," Bennett said. He added, "One of our biggest goals ... was simply to put people back to work."

The product, outdoor furniture, will be offered to retail and contract customers. Local residents can purchase Crimson Casual Furniture at Ingram's, in Florence. Bennett said that the company is planning a coupon program so local residents can puchase the furniture there at a discount. Do not, however, look for their product at any "Big Box" outlet. Crimson Casual furniture "will be sold exclusively through specialty retail stores," Bennett said.

A Crimson Casual employee sews the material for a chaise lounger

The company uses all American-made component parts for its furniture. One example Bennett gave is the castings used. "Rather than use a cheaper imported sand casting, we are using permanent mold castings that are sourced in the southeast U.S." Crimson Casual furniture will therefore be "Made in the USA," not just "Assembled in the USA." This includes a heavier aluminum than is used in other companies' furniture.

Better materials and workmanship, Bennett said, "affords us the ability to offer superior warranties: 18 years on the frame, and 5 years on the paint."

Crimson Casual utilizes "Green" processes throughout its facility. It reclaims most of its water and, unlike other similar companies, there are no emissions.

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