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Saturday, May 28, 2022

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Area Firefighters Begin Training

By Glenn Collins
Tuesday, March 2, 2010 | 11:03 AM

Firefighters and first responders attending VFF160, a course leading to state certification as volunteer firefighters

Firefighters and first responders from 5 area fire departments began training Monday night. The course is called VFF160 and leads to state certification as a Volunteer Firefighter. Over the next 25 weeks, 160 hours of instruction will ensue.

The first two weeks concentrate on first responder training. According to Haleyville Fire Marshal Tommy Lewis, all firefighters are now required to have this medical prerequisite.

Haleyville Fire's Craig Thomas instructs the class in first response

After the first responder section, there are 4 blocks of study for these firefighters. Some of the elements touched on include fire behavior, fire control, rescue and extrication, water supply, and (the last block) hazardous materials.

Haleyville City Councilmember Drew Thrasher, also a firefighter, said, “This shows the dedication of these personnel. They are giving up their Monday and Thursday nights.” The program also will include some Saturdays.

Five departments sent personnel to the training: Haleyville Fire, 5; Haleyville Rescue, 4; Bear Creek, 3; Black Pond, 2; and, Delmar, 7. Also, 10 Haleyville Fire personnel are getting a “refresher” in first response, including Haleyville Fire Chief Phillip Weaver, who will then be one of several instructors for the course, which will continue through July.

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