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Thursday, May 30, 2024

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Heroes of the Storm

By Sam Poe
Thursday, February 13, 2014 | 6:02 PM

Photo Courtesy of Amber Lambert

Haleyville and the surrounding communities experienced a rare snow storm this week that left schools and businesses closed for days, roads impassable, and people stranded. During this time, we saw the true character of our community heroes who stepped in to take action when so many were left helpless. Paradise 92.7 and HBTV would like to take a moment to thank our heroes for making a difference and just "doing what they do." 


Our area has been blessed with an abundance of police officers, firefighters, rescue squad members, paramedics, and power company workers who step in and take charge when things get nasty. They worked wrecks for hours on end for motorists who were unable to travel safely when conditions deteriorated.  They delivered babies in the snow storm when families could not reach the hospital. They transported nurses, doctors, and other essential employees to and from work to provide irreplaceable services to our community. They repaired and replaced power lines around the clock to restore power to neighborhoods.  They fought fires in family homes, and they never complained. 


Many times we get caught up in the fun side of the snow and never stop to thank the ones who keep us safe every day, even in snow storms.  They don't wear capes, and they certainly can't fly, but they are still heroes in our communities. So, thank you first responders for just doing what you do! We appreciate you!

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