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Monday, May 20, 2024

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Haleyville City Council

By Sam Poe
Tuesday, February 4, 2014 | 12:02 AM

The Haleyville City Council met for their regularly scheduled meeting Monday evening. Councilman Richard Bittinger was absent. The following items were on the agenda for the meeting. 


-The council approved the regular council meeting minutes from January 21, 2014.


-The council approved the purchase of a four-wheel drive truck to be used as a brush truck for the Haleyville Fire Department. It will cost approximately $14,900. $8,000 will be used from alcohol money, and the rest will come from the general fund. 


-The council approved entering into an agreement with Dixie Youth Baseball to provide a youth baseball program for the City of Haleyville. Jonathan Bennett abstained from the vote. 


-Next, the council discussed the demolition and disposal of two houses that were damaged by the April 2011 tornado in Cumens Subdivision. The agreement would have been contingent upon agreement with the property owners. However, Jonathan Bennett, Bud Wilson, and Royce Benefield abstained from the vote, and therefore, the resolution was not passed. 


-Then, the council discussed appointments to the Haleyville Water Board, to replace Mr. Thompson who recently passed away.  The board had formally recommended the appointment of Glenn Roberts. Jonathan Bennett and Royce Benefield voted no, and Drew Thrasher abstained due to a conflict of interest. The appointment was not approved.  Councilman Bennett then recommended the appointment of Bobby Taylor to the board. Mayor Ken Sunseri and Royce Benefield voted no, and Drew Thrasher again abstained due to the conflict of interest.  No further recommendations were made at this time. 


-The council then discussed community requests to add tennis courts to the new Haleyville Sports Complex. Councilman Bennett will talk with the design firm to determine if the addition will be possible. 


-Finally, the council approved electrical work around the pool at the Neighborhood Facilities Building. This came as an emergency approval due to the safety hazard and the violation of OSHA requirements. Tidwell Property Management was the low bid on the project, at an amount of $8,968. 

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