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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

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Diesel Spill

By Sam Poe
Monday, December 2, 2013 | 3:12 AM

The Haleyville Fire Department, Haleyville Police Department, Haleyville Street and Sanitation Department, and the Winston County Emergency Management Agency responded to a diesel spill in the Walmart parking lot around 12:30 Monday morning. The spill occurred after the driver of an eighteen wheeler ran over a sign that was attached to a cement post. 


The Normandin truck was driven by Patrice Lanoue of Quebec, Canada. Lanoue stated he was going into the store to shop for personal items, and he was in the area to deliver to a local plant Monday morning.  Lanoue then stated he was being cautious in the parking lot, but he did not see the row marker sign, although there is one located at the end of each aisle. When Lanoue ran over the sign, the cement post ruptured the fuel tank of the truck, and approximately 120-140 gallons of diesel fuel spilled across the parking lot. Despite efforts from the Street and Sanitation Department, the fuel then emptied into a drain in the lot before ending up in the holding pond behind the store. Because the pond empties into a nearby creek, the pond will most likely have to be drained and cleaned, according to officials on the scene. The Haleyville Fire Department was able to catch some of the fuel in buckets to prevent further spillage. 


Walmart officials on the scene had contacted their corporate office and requested assistance from an Environmental Protection Agency from their company.  The crew was expected to arrive on the scene later Monday morning. At this time, there is no threat to the drinking water in the area. 

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