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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

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Internet Back Up

By Glenn Collins
Wednesday, February 24, 2010 | 11:02 PM

Internet access in Haleyville was interupted this afternoon (Wednesday, February 24). The cause of the problem is unkown. Multiple attempts to contact CenturyTel were fruitless. At least six cities in Alabama were affected by the problem, according to recorded responses from CenturyTel's 800-number. Conversations with actual people at CenturyTel yielded no information on the internet outage. Attempts to contact CenturyTel directly had no results. As of 23:00, internet access appears to have been restored.

Several businesses and residences reported to HBTV diffciculty and/or inability to connect to the internet this afternoon. HBTV realized the problem in the early afternoon and attempted to contact CenturyTel. All HBTV could obtain from CenturyTel was a recorded telephone response which stated "We are aware of the situation." Finally, with internet access restored to the city late in the evening, no person contacted at CenturyTel by HBTV was willing, or authorized, to give a statement to HBTV regarding the outage.

HBTV will attempt to contact CenturyTel during the day (office hours) on Thursday to obtain answers regarding the outage.

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