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Monday, June 24, 2024

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Additional Details on Black Pond Fatalities

Monday, October 7, 2013 | 6:10 PM

Kevin Michael Carey, 30; Andy Keith Hunt, 38; Robert Samuel Hamrick, 30; Kristie Hunt Campbell Hamrick, 39, all of Savannah Tennessee are currently under investigation on allegations of child pornography by law enforcement officials in Tennessee. Robert Hamrick had lived in Popular Springs (near Winston/Walker County Line) for six months in 2002 prior to moving to Savannah, TN.

Timeline of events:

September 27 (Friday) A friend of Kevin Carey informed authorities in Alabama that he met with Kevin and his companions Friday at a truck stop on I-22 near Hamilton, AL.  Kevin told him he was accused of a serious crime in Tennessee, and they were planning to kill themselves rather go to prison. Later in the afternoon Robert Hamrick contacted his  sister and met with her near Dora. Robert’s sister told investigators that he asked for food and cigarettes, which she gave to him.

October 2 (Wednesday) A witness living on Winston County Road 327 in Black Pond informed the Winston County Sheriff’s Office she had found a white car parked off the roadway. The witness later told investigators that she had first seen the vehicle (2005 Mazda 4D White) when coming in from work before lunch, and when going to town the same evening she again saw the car in the same location. It was then she realized something was bad wrong, and she called the dispatch.   

A second witness saw the vehicle at approximately 4:30 pm and stated that the driver’s door was open but added nothing else. The vehicle, when first approached by Winston County Deputies, had the windshield wipers on, radio was playing very loud, engine was running, and all doors were closed with all windows down. Seating arrangements were as follows: Carey (front seat passenger), Hunt (driver), R. Hamrick (rear passenger), K. Hamrick (rear driver). Forensics determined that Hunt was the only one classified as suicide.

The weapon (Mossberg 500A - 12 gauge pump shotgun) was found outside the driver’s window. A total of five spent rounds were found on the scene, two in the vehicle, two outside the vehicle, and one in the shotgun. Investigators are currently working with the ATF to determine ownership history of weapon. The weapon was first purchased in 1995 in Jasper, AL.   

Four written statements were found in the vehicle. Each male had a written statement in his possession, and the female’s statement was found in the vehicle's glove box. Each statement was similar in content asking that families be notified, certain arrangements be made for their funerals, and innocence of all crimes was declared. Each statement was signed and hand written. All statements have been sent to the FBI lab in Quantico, VA for evaluation. 

All bodies were transported to the Alabama Department of Forensics in Huntsville for autopsies and further evaluations.

The above statement was provided by the Winston County Sheriff's Department Monday afternoon. 

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