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Sunday, May 19, 2024

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Update: Weekend Stabbing

By Sam Poe
Tuesday, October 1, 2013 | 11:10 AM


Photo Courtesy of WCSD

The Winston County Sheriff's Department is currently investigating a stabbing and a few assaults that took place just after midnight Saturday morning. The events took place at 631 County Road 3444 in the Pebble Community at the home of Danny Harlan. Donnie Vandiver, Harlan's neighbor, allegedly arrived at the home and assaulted Harlan. Reports indicate that Vandiver had been drinking heavily when he arrived, although the reason for his assault is unclear at this time.  


Vandiver and Harlan left the home, although officers are uncertain whether Harlan agreed to leave with Vandiver or if he was forced. Harlan was able to leave Vandiver and returned to his home. When Vandiver returned to his home and reported the events to his wife, she went to the Harlan home to check on Harlan. While his wife and daughter were at the Harlan residence, Vandiver called the home and made life-altering threats to everyone at the residence, including his own wife and child. Reports indicate that Vandiver continued drinking throughout the night and returned to the Harlan residence around 3:30 a.m. Saturday morning. When Vandiver returned to the residence, Harlan and his brother, Kerry Harlan, had armed themselves with a large bread knife with a sharp point and a claw hammer. The brothers stated they were scared of Vandiver after the previous occurrence and were prepared to defend themselves. The brothers stated the heard Vandiver approaching the home and met him on the front porch. Vandiver had armed himself with a stick, and the brothers attacked him with the hammer and the knife. Vandiver had wounds on his fingers on his right hand, defensive wounds on the left forearm, and a stab wound on his back. D. Harlan had a wound on his neck, and K. Harlan had a wound in the palm of his hand and broken toes. Vandiver fled the scene and ran into the woods surrounding the home. 


No arrests were made for the assaults between the Harlans and Vandiver. However, the information will be presented to the grand jury for determination. The Winston County Sheriff's Department arrested Vandiver for Domestic Violence in the Third Degree for the life altering threats made to his wife and child during the phone call and for Assault in the Second Degree.  When the deputies arrested Vandiver, they transported him to Lakeland Community Hospital for treatment of the wounds from the assault and then to the Winston County Jail. 

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