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Saturday, May 18, 2024

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Guidelines for Lion of the Week

By Sam Poe
Thursday, September 5, 2013 | 11:09 PM

Lion of the Week has been a time honored tradition for Haleyville High School for many years.  Throughout this tradition, there have been several sponsors, but most recently the tradition has been carried on by the radio station owners and broadcast personnel. Paradise 92.7 is proud to carry on this tradition and looks forward to continuing for many years to come. 


Traditionally, the Lion of the Week was reserved only for football players, but last year the first female Lion of the Week was named for exemplary leadership, class, and talent on the volleyball court. All of these are traits that have been found in the many Lions of the Week along the way, and the Paradise 92.7 broadcast crew unanimously agreed the best athlete at Haleyville High School during that particular week was a female player who led her volleyball team when they needed her most. Like any change in a small town, this brought about criticism and uncertainty, but as we all agree, change is necessary at various times in our life in order to keep up with the progress of our society. 


Therefore, the Paradise 92.7 and HBTV staff presents the guidelines used each week to choose the Lion of the Week as well as a couple of changes that will be made this year. 



1. Lion of the Week will be awarded at the end of each calendar week, beginning in the fall semester with the arrival of fall sports and ending in the spring semester at the conclusion of the spring sports. However, there may be weeks where the award is not given due to lack of competitions (i.e. Christmas break). 


2. Lion of the Week will be chosen by the four members of the Paradise 92.7 sportscasting staff, and a tie breaker vote is in place for the occasions when needed. 


3. Lion of the Week will be awarded to the varsity athlete at Haleyville High School who is the game changer for their particular sport in the Saturday to Friday week preceding the award presentation. Lion of the Week WILL NOT be based on the athlete's chosen sport, gender, ethnicity, or any other physical attribute of the athlete. The award WILL be based on athletic ability, contribution to the team overall, impact plays made during the award week, leadership, dedication, class, and overall pride in HHS. 


Paradise 92.7 is honored to continue this tradition of Lion of the Week with two notable changes of expanding to include all varsity sports throughout the school year. We wish to restore the pride associated with the award and hope the athletes will work to achieve Lion of the Week as one of their personal goals throughout the various seasons. Good Luck to all of our Lions!

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