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Thursday, May 30, 2024

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Rules of Renovation

By Sam Poe
Friday, September 6, 2013 | 12:09 AM

There have been many requests to the City of Haleyville for removal of debris from renovations recently, and city officials have asked to clarify the rules for this service. If the home/business owner completes the renovations, the city will provide cleanup services; however, if a contractor completes the work, the city will not be responsible for cleanup. The property must also be located inside Haleyville City Limits. The property owners should notify their contractor of this policy before the renovations begin in order for them to make arrangements for the debris to be removed from the property. Remember, this service is an expense for the city as it utilizes both city equipment and manpower, and the city cannot use city money to supplement contractor work. However, Willow Ridge Landfill will accept the drop-offs from contractors for these types of projects.  If you complete the work yourself and would like to request pick up of materials, contact the Haleyville Street and Sanitation Department at 486-5025.


Also, there are a couple of other steps in preparing for renovations on your property, whether you choose to complete the work yourself or to hire a contractor. If the renovation will cost more than $500 and is inside the Haleyville Police Jurisdiction, you must obtain a business license and building permit from the City of Haleyville. These renovations include all types of work including plumbing, roofing, or any other type of construction.  City officials are also encouraging both individuals and businesses to only hire contract workers who have a business license from the City of Haleyville. This includes, but is not limited to, lawn and landscaping businesses.  Remember, if your business has to purchase a business license to operate, you should ensure others' businesses you do business with follow the rules as well. 


For more information about business licenses and building permits, contact Debra Hood at 486-3121. 

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