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Thursday, May 30, 2024

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Beware of Local Scams

Thursday, August 22, 2013 | 1:08 PM

There are currently two scams that have been reported in the Haleyville area, and both of them target senior citizens and the disabled. If you receive phone calls, e-mails, or other forms of communication including door to door sales regarding the Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare) or The Partnership for Prescription Assistance, do not respond.  This is not a legitimate business, and the insurance plans are fake. 

The next scam is regarding replacement Medicaid and/or Medicare cards and requesting payment for the replacement card. No one from Medicaid and/or Medicare will contact you by phone for this purpose, and you should hang up immediately if you receive the call. If you receive the call and want to verify the request, contact Medicaid at 1-800-633-4227. Again, Medicaid should not contact you. You must contact them for replacement cards. 

In each of these scams, it is near impossible to recover your losses once personal information is exchanged. Never give out your social security number, Medicaid/care number, bank account information, or any other personal information unless you are sure of the validity of the receiving party. 

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