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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

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New Gun Law Facts

Friday, August 2, 2013 | 8:08 AM

New gun laws were put in place August 1, 2013, and they have left many citizens questioning exactly what the laws entail. Here are the facts, provided by Sheriff Rick Harris. 

-The Attorney General is the only one who can handle claims against gun manufacturer and/or ammunition manufacturer in Alabama with consent of the governor. 

-Permit applicant wanting a pistol license must complete an application.

-The Sheriff must do a background check.

-The Sheriff can deny a permit based on knowledge the Sheriff has on the history of the applicant.

-If the Sheriff has no knowledge otherwise and/or background check reflects no reason(s), the Sheriff "shall" issue a permit within 30 days.

-If the Sheriff has knowledge otherwise and/or the background check reflects reason(s) to lawfully deny the permit, the Sheriff must give the applicant written notice of denial within 30 days.


-Applicant has 30 days following the date of the denial to appeal the denial to the District Judge of the county where applying for the permit. 

-The judge has 30 days to rule on the notice of denial. If the judge rules in favor of the applicant, the Sheriff shall issue the permit. If the judge does not rule in favor of the applicant, the case is closed. 

-Applicant may select the number of years he/she wants the permit to be valid from 1 to 5 years.

-The fee for the permit shall be what is allowed by local act multiplied by the number of years the applicant wants the permit to be valid. 

-The permit is issued to carry a handgun concealed on person or in a vehicle. 

-A person may carry a handgun in a holster, secured to his/her body, exposed without a permit.

-A person may carry a handgun in a vehicle unloaded and in a secured, mounted container, out of reach of driver or passenger(s) without a permit. 

-An employee may carry a handgun or rifle or shotgun in his/her automobile onto the employer's parking area without approval of the employer. 

-A person may NOT carry a handgun without a permit on property not his/her own without permission of the owner or if posted as a "No Gun Zone."

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