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Saturday, April 13, 2024

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Haleyville City Council Meeting

By Sam Poe
Wednesday, February 20, 2013 | 5:02 AM

The Haleyville City Council met Tuesday morning, and all members were present. The minutes from the February 4, 2013 meeting and the special session on February 14, 2013 were approved.  Next, the general operation bills for the month of January were approved at a total of $400,662.60.   

The city has received FEMA grant money to purchase a new outdoor weather siren to place at the North Industrial Park.  The grant will pay for 75% of the cost, and the city will be responsible for the other 25%. Advertisement for bids were approved and will begin soon.  Repairs will also be made to the downtown outdoor weather siren.  

The council approved a pay adjustment for the city dispatcher and approved the position and pay scale for a seasonal court clerical employee. 

The council voted to approve the purchase of a four wheel drive all terrain mower for the city.  The city will then donate the current mower to the Haleyville Park and Recreation Department for use at the City Lake and Rocky Ravine Park.  This mower will cost $12,153.60. 

The council approved to contract with RDS for collection of all taxes and business licenses.  Only minor changes were made from the current contract. 

The council approved to advertise for lifeguards for the city pool this summer.  They expect to hire between fifteen and twenty individuals. They also plan to hire several seasonal employees for the Haleyville Street Department as well as the Park and Recreation Department.  

Finally, the council discussed several repairs and upgrades for city facilities.  They approved repairs to the pool pad at the city pool and to the men's softball field concession stand.  They also discussed installing a security system at the 21st Street Gym, but the quotes they received have been for different types of systems.  Once the council decides which type of system will be best, they will request bids from all agencies to review for approval.   

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