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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

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Disappointing Phillips Loss

By Sam Poe
Sunday, February 17, 2013 | 1:02 PM

The Phillips Bears faced R.A. Hubbard Friday night in the second round of the Class 1A State Basketball playoffs. The Bears started a young team with only one senior on the court. Coach Scott Veal had stated he was concerned about some of the more inexperienced players and their ability to mentally prepare for the intensity of this game, but they had worked the entire season to prepare for this level of play. Rodney Camp was the only starting senior on the team, and he led his team throughout the game. Other key players of the night were Tyler Crumpton and Jake Bonner.

The Bears began the game with intensity, and they came prepared to fight for the win. Bonner led the first half of play, scoring the majority of points and making key defensive plays. R.A. Hubbard made several full team substitutions in the first half, and it wore down the Bears quickly. The Bears finished the half with several outstanding plays to tie the game before halftime.

R.A. Hubbard began the second half with several scoring plays to earn a six point lead. The Bears settled into play, and Camp and Crumpton encouraged their teammates to regroup. The remainder of the game proved to be tight battle, but in the end, the Bears were not able to clench the victory. R.A. Hubbard defeated the Phillips Bears by a score of 66 to 61.

In a post game interview with Shannon Lollar, Coach Scott Veal stated that he was very disappointed in the results of the game. He stated several mental mistakes and a struggle at the free throw line had cost them the game, but he has high hopes for the upcoming seasons with his returning players. He stated he hopes to be able to at least return to the Final Four next year, as the Phillips Bears did in 2009. Veal also thanked the fans for the support throughout the season.

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